Blechnum spicant

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fern with erect fronds of Europe and western North America


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Two fern species characterized by different reproductive systems were selected for the present study, Blechnum spicant (L.
In the case of Blechnum spicant, 11 primer combinations of those tested were selected for the study based on their repetitivity.
Genetic structure in Blechnum spicant and Dryopteris affinis.
The genetic diversity calculated for the ferns Blechnum spicant and Dryopteris affinis ssp.
On the other hand, the conservation of Blechnum spicant, an outcrossing fern species, might need different actions.
Gametophyte ontogeny, sex expression, and genetic load as measures of population divergence in Blechnum spicant.
Gametophyte culture in vitro and antheridiogen activity in Blechnum spicant.
Similarly, exogenous BAP reduced LW and delayed the production of both antheridia and archegonia in Blechnum spicant and endogenous levels of six cytokinins were higher in females than in males (Menendez et al.
The effect of cytokinins on growth and sexual organ development in the gametophyte of Blechnum spicant L.