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in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae

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Observaciones: esta subespecie se diferencia de Blechnum australe L.
Correlaciones entre esporangios y nervadura comisural en Blechnum occidentale L.
Indicators of vegetation disturbance, notably pollen of Coriaria and Poaceae (grasses), and spores of Pteridium, Blechnum and other ground ferns (monolete) are variously recorded throughout the zone.
globosa is unknown, although of the organisms beaten from the Blechnum and tree ferns, oribatid mites, collembola and other spiders dominated.
Ideal for dense shade is the hard fern or Blechnum spicant, but this plant, unfortunately, only thrives on acid or lime-free soil - so it's important to do your plant research before you buy to avoid making mistakes.
This species shows clear morphological convergence with other single-stemmed tuft-rosette trees, such as the giant Senecio and Lobelia in Africa (see photos 182 and 183), the tree ferns Cyathea and Blechnum of New Guinea, the Puya, Blechnum and Lupinus, and especially the Espeletia of the paramos and cloud forests of the Andes (see photo 136).
Araliaceae), the tree fern Cyathea smithii (Cyatheaceae), and the crown fern Blechnum discolor (Blechnaceae).
Germination and sporophyte frequency of two sympatric species of Blechnum (Blechnaceae)
Leyenda: A new polyploid of Blechnum occidentale (Blechnaceae-Polypodiopsida) for the northwest of Argentina
Some key species are Arcytophyllum setosum, Blechnum cordatum, Calamagrostis macrophylla, Chusquea neurophylla, Gynoxis buxifolia, Halenia weddelliana, Huperzia kuesteri, Ilex andicola, Monnina arbuscula, Neurolepis nana, Niphogeton dissecta, Oxalis spiralis, Puya eryngioides, Puya maculate, Rhynchospora vulcani and Valeriana microphylla.