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Synonyms for Blechnaceae

one of a number of families into which the family Polypodiaceae has been subdivided in some classification systems

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The family Blechnaceae (Polypodiopsida) in Brazil: key to the genera and taxonomic treatment of Austroblechnum, Cranfillia, Lomaridium, Neoblechnum and Telmatoblechnum for southern and southeastern Brazil.
Moore Blechnaceae Clark (SR) Zannichellia palustris L.
auratum (Blechnaceae), "rabo de zorro" Alchemilla verticilada (Rosaceae), "carqueja" Baccharis genistelloides (Asteraceae), poniendo en peligro su capacidad de regeneracion, procesos que estan acelerando la perdida de la biodiversidad de nuestro patrimonio natural (Marcelo & Millan, 2004).
APPENDIX Aboriginal plant names in north-eastern Arnhem Land Botanical family Botanical name Uses FERNS Blechnaceae Blechnum indicum food Hemianthtidaceae Platyzoma microphyllum -- Sinopteridaceae Cheilanthes tenuifolia -- CYCADS Cycadaceae Cycas armstrongii food GYMNOSPERMS Cupressaceae Callitris intratropica tools MONOCOTYLEDONS Amaryllidaceae Calostemma sp.
All four specimens were collected from among the leaves of the 'hard water fern' (Blechnum wattsii, Blechnaceae), an abundant, low-growing species within many Tasmanian rainforests (Garrett 1996).
The understory is dominated by bromeliads (Bromeliaceae) and ferns (Blechnaceae, Cyatheaceae).
(Araliaceae), the tree fern Cyathea smithii (Cyatheaceae), and the crown fern Blechnum discolor (Blechnaceae).
La familia Blechnaceae Newman incluye entre 200 y 267 especies reunidas en tres subfamilias y 24 generos (Gasper et al., 2016).
The high abundance values observed seems to be the result of vegetative propagation that can be favored by edge conditions (Murcia, 1995), and is typically recorded in the Blechnaceae family (Dittrich, 2005).
Reproductive biology of the Pteridophyta III: a study of the Blechnaceae. Botanical journal of the Linnean Society.