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the exploitation of black people (especially with regard to stereotyped roles in movies)

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This bitterness runs through most blaxploitation films and is central to "Super Fly," not just the best of the genre but nearly the only one of the bunch that can still be watched simply as a very good movie, of whatever label.
This wide-ranging chapter ends with a discussion of blaxploitation films that suggests that the dissonance between the 1972 film Super Fly, which celebrates the life of a cocaine dealer while its anti-drug soundtrack powerfully exposes "the central problem of the postsegregation era," reveals the problem behind the central paradox, which is: "how to participate in American consumer culture and not be dirtied by it" (152).
Largely produced between 1969 and 1976, blaxploitation films targeted African American audiences to an unprecedented extent.
Writer Toni Cade Bambara suggests that their "focus on issues of family, women, history and folklore marked a direct response to the popular blaxploitation films of the 1970s which tended to glorify violence and offered shallow stereotypical depictions of Black Nationalism and sexuality" (Ogunleye 159).
I will read the contemporary understanding of blaxploitation films as cult films, with their appreciation being motivated by a contemporary ironic fetish for all things kitsch and camp.
The representations of gay characters in the film are also significant, because while the characters of Billy and Maria (Craig Campfield) can be viewed as stereotypes--drag queens with lisps, who are referred to as "fags" by both the brothers and their female friends--they are two of the most fully fleshed out gay characters to appear in blaxploitation films.
The so-called blaxploitation film genre courted controversy during its meteoric rise (and equally precipitous disappearance) in the 1970s.
Fashionable Kung Fu Queen of 1970s Blaxploitation Film Was Hollywood's First Black Heroine
The book is set against the shroud of the blaxploitation film era, and the author skillfully incorporates actual people and events, using such real-life characters as Pam Grier, Writ Chamberlain and Huey Newton.
Specifically, I wish to consider Singleton's film within the context of the blaxploitation film, as well as against the background of his previous films, in order to examine the ideological implications of contemporary constructions of black masculinity.
A spoof of the Pam Grier-style urban heroines from the old blaxploitation film cycle, Foxxy was not an unfamiliar concept to Knowles, although she hadn't even been born when the genre died out.
In the blaxploitation film interracial sex is a fairly common occurrence (Shaft, Sweetback, and The Mack provide notable instances) chiefly to underline the hero's sexual charisma.
Hollywood is all set to revisit a genre that supposedly died two decades ago -- the blaxploitation film.
He opens Bishop School on flute against pumping electric bass, funk guitar, swooping strings and brassy horns in what sounds like a jazz version of a blaxploitation film theme.
While the demise of the blaxploitation film has been attributed by some to its very nature as a short-cycle genre--studios made increasingly low-budget and formulaic films and so turned viewers away--there is as well a more interesting tale, less often told.