Blatta orientalis

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dark brown cockroach originally from orient now nearly cosmopolitan in distribution

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(7-9) Although sensitisation to Blatella germanica has been found in patients from coastal and inland areas of southern Africa, (8,9) Periplanata americana and Blatta orientalis elicit the strongest IgE responses in Cape Town and Durban, while B.
crassificans (a pathogen of the cockroach Blatta orientalis) (2,3); their pathogenic role in humans has not yet been investigated.
Blatta orientalis or americana (cockroach): Best known for its effectiveness with asthma, which may have something to do with those living in substandard and subhuman conditions, infested by cockroaches, who suffer disproportionately from asthma.
Blatta Orientalis is a dark or brownish-coloured, medium- sized cockroach which favours living in domestic houses.
Seven species were tested for behavioral alterations: Periplaneta americana, Periplaneta australasiae, Periplaneta brunnea, Blatta orientalis, Supella longipalpa, Diploptera punctata, and Blattella germanica.