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type genus of the Blattidae: cockroaches infesting buildings worldwide

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(22.) Irma Taddia, "Ethiopian Source Material and Colonial Rule in the Nineteenth Century: The Letter to Menilik (1899) by Blatta Gabra Egzi'abeher," Journal of African History 34 (Cambridge, 1993): 493-516.
Ancora una volta gli insetti, di volta in volta proposti, furono indovinati e, finalmente, si giunse all'ordine degli Ortotteri e, per giunta, alia funesta Blatta della quale fu detto tutto il possibile e pensabile: addirittura che il suo intestino aveva delle caratteristiche del tutto peculiari specie in rapporto al contatto con insetticidi.
I SEE that the purple poppy (Papaver Blatta) once again raises its ugly stamen in the letter by Mrs I Gard (Four-legged Friend In War, 02.03.10) but Mrs Gard wholly misses my point previously made in these pages.
(7-9) Although sensitisation to Blatella germanica has been found in patients from coastal and inland areas of southern Africa, (8,9) Periplanata americana and Blatta orientalis elicit the strongest IgE responses in Cape Town and Durban, while B.
crassificans (a pathogen of the cockroach Blatta orientalis) (2,3); their pathogenic role in humans has not yet been investigated.
"Homeopaths have been using Indian cockroaches, Blatta Orientalis, since 1890 for the treatment of asthma," said Mr Thomas.
Upending Franz Kafka's famous story about Gregor Samsa's transformation into an insect, Kockroach tells the tale of Jerry Blatta. Formerly a faceless member of New York City's cockroach population, Blatta wakes up in a seedy Times Square hotel to find that he has metamorphosed into a man.
The alimentation consisted principally of juvenile and adult spiders: Schizocosa inalitiosa (Tullgren 1905), Lycosa thorelli (Keyserling 1877) and Metaltella simoni (Keyserling 1877), cockroaches: Periplaneta ainericana (Linnaeus), Blatta sp.
The following works are in this dual-language collection: "Lettere alla gazza, alla cicala, al giaciglio"; "Il calvario delle gru"; "Poesie della blatta".
(Blatta) Marsie-Hazen (lay, woman, delegate), Abuna Theophilius (delegate) = 3 persons; -- Gold Coast (Ghana): Annie R.
The most common cockroach species in the United States are the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana), the German cockroach (Blattella germanica), and the Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis).
Seven species were tested for behavioral alterations: Periplaneta americana, Periplaneta australasiae, Periplaneta brunnea, Blatta orientalis, Supella longipalpa, Diploptera punctata, and Blattella germanica.