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any of several infections of the skin or mucous membrane caused by Blastomyces

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Again, early diagnosis is the key to preventing 'blasto' from becoming a serious illness, and I do mean serious.
During yesterday's service, the minister Rev Huw John Hughes, and Michael Blasto, RNLI's operations director, both referred to the daring rescues which earned Mr Evans gold medals for bravery.
The most worrying thing is that someone, sitting somewhere in an office, thought Blasto was going to be a good game.
Novel strategy with potential to identify developmentally competent IVF blasto cysts.
Hoy en dia la celula leucemica (blasto) se clasifica de acuerdo a los siguientes parametros: morfologia, histoquimica, inmunofenotipo, genetica molecular, citogenetica molecular y citogenetica convencional.
The word ameloblastoma is derived from a combination of the French word "Amel" meaning enamel and the Greek word "Blastos" which means germ or bud.
From the Greek blastos ("germ, sprout") and mykes ("fungus, mushroom"), this invasive fungal infection was first reported in 1894 by T.