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a small tube filled with detonating substances

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An inspection of his belongings yielded 200 improvised blasting caps with detonating cord and 150 kilos of ammonium nitrate.
After much experimentation, Nobel found that by mixing nitroglycerin with diatomaceous earth (a naturally occurring, soft sedimentary rock that, when ground into powder, is highly absorbent), it became much more stable but could still be detonated by a blasting cap. Nitroglycerin in the form of dynamite thus became relatively safe to use.
In fact, the larger fireworks in the US are classified as class A explosives and share this accolade with the likes of TNT, dynamite and blasting caps.
According to the spokesperson, 11 bags contained more than 30 kilos of the RDX and two bags had 50 blasting caps. The last bag had a six-metre detonator cord.
While searching the vehicle that was heading to Aleppo, authorities found 11 reels of blasting caps and 65 detonator boxes hidden inside it a source in the province, located in central Syria, was quoted as saying by the reporter.
Products manufactured at the facility included explosive powder containing mercury and lead, detonating fuses, electric blasting caps, metal wires and aluminum and copper shells.
The spokesman of the Interior Ministry Brigadier Sd Mn said in a statement issued today: "The police in Salahuddin arrested six wanted men in the Tuz area and found a cache of explosive material and 60 artillery shells and 14 rockets in Tikrit, and also seized 308 blasting caps in Dujail district." Mn added, "The police in Dhi Qar, during the past 24 hours, arrested 53 accused in the city of Nasiriyah, including four, according to the terrorism and seven on murders and the rest according to different issues.
The blasting caps found inside the home "could have caused the whole house to go up and maybe surrounding houses," police said.
The caches consisted of three AK-47s, 14 full AK-47 magazines , five rifles, 11,000 7.62 mm rounds, 250 12,7 mm rounds, 100 10 mm rounds, six hand grenades, one 60 mm mortar round, one 81 mm round, seven 40 mm rounds, two radios, three fuses, two chest racks, eight ammunition belts and 26 blasting caps.
Closer inspection revealed chaff and a flare box had fallen off a British Chinook and broken open on the ramp, scattering flares and blasting caps. After notifying the Air Terminal Ops Center, he noticed an MQ-9 Reaper taxiing out for take-off, directly in the path of the object.
Munitions, including small-arms ammunition, projectiles, cartridges, bombs, rockets, pyrotechnics, grenades, blasting caps, fuzes, simulators, and raw explosives, may not be easily recognized as UXO.
NORTHBORO - About 500 commercial-type blasting caps were removed from a Ball Street property Tuesday afternoon, according to police.
To do so, they drilled boreholes 1.375 inches in diameter and 13 inches deep at elevations of 2 and 6 feet into the north faces of each column to protect the M11 blasting caps from fragmentation.
Coalition forces found and destroyed weapons caches, including AK-47s, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, anti-personnel mines, explosives, blasting caps and suicide vests.