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a small tube filled with detonating substances

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The Oregon State Police explosives unit secured the box of blasting caps last week.
The government enlists America's self storage personnel to help prevent future terrorist attacks using their awareness of unusual fumes, liquids, residues or odors emanating from storage units; discarded chemical containers in storage unit dumpsters; quantities of fuel; agricultural or industrial chemicals; explosives, blasting caps or fuses; weapons or ammunition; lab materials; pesticides; drugs and other illicit items.
The other weapons, ammunition and suspected explosives, which police believe might include landmines, hand grenades, blasting caps and pressure detonators, were stored haphazardly in the house's cellar, he said.
Munitions, including small-arms ammunition, projectiles, cartridges, bombs, rockets, pyrotechnics, grenades, blasting caps, fuzes, simulators, and raw explosives, may not be easily recognized as UXO.
The day's find included 30 blasting caps, about 250,000 rounds of small-arms ammunition, 25 grenade fuses, 37 high-explosive anti-tank weapons, 100 unfused grenades, one Iranian PG-7 grenade rocket, six Chinese 75ram APERS rocket fuses, 13 French 68mm SPAMV rockets, 72 rocket motors, 10 Iraqi 40ram rockets, 221 mortars, 300 various fuses, 40 pounds of propellant, 50 pounds of detonation cord, 13 PG-7 launchers, 17 AK-47 assault rifles, one Russian machine gun, two sniper rifles, one PKC machine gun, 40 million Iraqi Dinar, more than 400 fake identification cards, and various Motorola radios, including one Iraqi police radio believed to have belonged to an IP who had been kidnapped and murdered.
375 inches in diameter and 13 inches deep at elevations of 2 and 6 feet into the north faces of each column to protect the M11 blasting caps from fragmentation.
Coalition forces found and destroyed weapons caches, including AK-47s, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, anti-personnel mines, explosives, blasting caps and suicide vests.
A string of blasting caps is found in the water off an Orange County pier.
A hundred yards of blasting caps, strung together with det cord, approximating the cyclic rate of fire of the 20mm gun mounted on our nose.
Blasting caps, safety fuses, detonating cords, blasting agents, slurries (gels), and related items are discussed, with an emphasis on safety.
As reported in The Washington Post, Russell used his knowledge of electromagnetic spectrum to scuttle remote control bombs that the Iraqi insurgents were making out of radio-controlled toy car transmitters, augmented with C-4 plastic explosives and blasting caps.
The man's bag was also found to contain two sets of boxing gloves, protective sparring helmets and shin guards, as well as a weapons cleaning kit, four firecrackers, eight fuses, six blasting caps and receipts showing he had purchased a shotgun and ammunition whilst in Ecuador.
Investigators said the contents of the bag included three pieces of non-electrical blasting caps, an alarm clock and several small containers of explosive powder
Since the material explodes much like gunpowder does, it might also substitute for blasting caps in conventional explosives or even operate as a tiny propulsion system for microscopic vehicles and devices, speculates Sailor.
Small amounts of C-4 are difficult to detect using scanner machines - they can pick up blasting caps but have to be highly sensitive to lock on to the chemicals in the explosive.