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a furnace for smelting of iron from iron oxide ores

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According to the company, this production loss will partly be compensated by the other blast furnaces of SSAB Europe and by the blast furnaces of SSAB Special Steels in Oxelosund.
London: Tata Steel will finance the repair of a blast furnace at Britain's largest steelworks in Port Talbot, Wales, extending its life by seven years and soothing concerns about its commitment to Europe's steel sector, four sources told Reuters.
Tata Steel is reportedly planning a PS75m investment in the Port Talbot steelworks to reline one of the plant's blast furnaces
As the [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] content of slag increases, the high meltingpoint spinel phase, which is a feature of strong crystallization capacity, may occur easily in slag, thereby causing blast furnace slag to exhibit high viscosity and poor fluidity and eventually resulting in the decline of slag metallurgical performance [7-10].
By Ian McNeal THE end of 170 years of steelmaking on Teesside with the closure of Redcar blast furnace dealt a devastating blow.
The spokesman said that due to power breakdown, water which is used as coolant was also stopped thus causing damage to the cooling system of the Blast Furnaces.
The stoppage of gas since June 10, 2015 has already made steel making and rolling of slab impossible and now the only remaining producing unit that is blast furnace is also at a risk of damage and closure due to gas stoppage.
Currently, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal has 14 blast furnaces in Japan, including three furnaces at the Kimitsu Works.
A representative of FPG indicated that apart from the steel mill, the investment also includes constructions of port piers and a power station, which are expected to be completed gradually by 2020, when the steel mill with six blast furnaces will produce 22.5 million tonnes of crude steel annually, the 32 piers to offer 85 million tonnes in transport capacity, and the power station to generate 2150MW of electricity.
The French government vehemently opposed steel giant ArcelorMittal's plans to close two blast furnaces at a Lorraine facility and keep just a rolling mill there.
A coke oven is a device to produce coke from coal, which is used as a fuel for blast furnaces to smelt iron ore.
BEIJING'S biggest steel company has shut down another of its blast furnaces as part of efforts to clean up the city before the Summer Olympics begin in August.
(a) Study on the production and use of direct reduced iron as well as the recycling of dust generated by blast furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces.