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Synonyms for antisemitism

the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people

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The Tudman regime failed to acknowledge Croatia's part in the Holocaust and employed a "xenophobic policy toward undesirable 'minorities'" that ultimately sanctioned local acts of antisemitism, blaming the Jews for "all the negative media attention Croatia was getting" internationally for its undemocratic actions at home (p.
In the spring of 2004 Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ was all the rage--hailed by Christian groups for its unsparing rendition of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and denounced by less enthusiastic viewers for implicitly blaming the Jews for Jesus' death.
However, I also worry about the film's propaganda potential in terms of Christian children and teenagers who may be powerfully moved by it and who, subconsciously, may be blaming the Jews for Jesus's death far into the 21st century.
Thus, many Christians try to resist blaming the Jews, or Judas, or Pilate, or the Romans, or even the rich.
Williamson, Preaching the Gospels without Blaming the Jews: A Lectionary Commentary.
IN Blaming the Jews on C4 journalist David Aaronovitch travels to the Middle East to find out if anti-Semitism has become ingrained in Muslim society.
(18) Blaming the Jews for the introduction of a variety of social ills or for the death of Jesus on the cross are long-lived themes in Christian interpretation.
Then came the biggest surprise of all--nobody was blaming the Jews, but Jerry Falwell was blaming the gays.
Marx has the nasty habit of blaming the Jews for what he calls (out of ignorance or insensitivity) the "holocaust" against the unborn.
While the Arab call for compassion based on national aspirations appeals to the liberal vision, liberalism fails to take a stand against blaming the Jews, both in Israel and abroad, for the expression of their legitimate national hopes as well as for their self-defense against the aggression aimed against them.
Was Putin really blaming the Jews for corrupting American elections?
Israeli Labor Party lawmaker Itzik Shmuly, who is pushing for a counter bill in the Israeli parliament to criminalize the denial of Nazi collaboration, quipped on Twitter that "the next step of Morawiecki's pathetic project to erase the crimes of the Polish people is probably going to be blaming the Jews for their own Holocaust and presenting the Nazis as victims of the circumstances." Morawiecki's office had no immediate reaction to the uproar in Israel.
Six editions, blaming the Jews for World War I, were published in Germany in one year.
It's not yet been confirmed if Gibson has acknowledged the baby is his or whether he's blaming the Jews for it, but bookies Paddy Power are already betting on what he will name it.
You know Hitler started blaming the Jews for the decline of Germany.