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British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)

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Like MP Margaret Hodge he is from the Blairite swamp.
Many Blairite MPs took the opportunity to give their anti-nuclear leader a good kicking.
Mr Campbell, who backed Mr Corbyn for the party leadership and has supported him since then, said left-wingers in the party would be consigned to the margins as they had been previously, while 'Blairites' who have opposed Mr Corbyn would regain control of the party.
The Blairites are an absolute disgrace and I'm pleased they have removed themselves from the party.
"Party members do not seem to count and their opinions are not valued by the Blairites and the Right of the party, especially those careerists who are frightened of Jeremy Corbyn."
:Jim Murphy from Defence to International Development.Too Blairite?
But Labour's Blairite former general secretary Peter Watt said it would be "a disgrace" if the deeper problem of union influence was not tackled.
Yesterday, Unite's chairman in Scotland Stephen Deans claimed freezing the process was an attack on the union by a "Blairite rump" .
But, on reflection, I'm sure it's a Blairite plot to do them both down- not least because when I visited a church crypt in Brixton to book "The Mother of All Afternoons - Coffee and Cup Cakes with George Galloway" for June 25, the staff told me about a booking that had been made for a private function for his political supporters by David Miliband.
Meanwhile, Ed Miliband has told the Blairites that New Labour is dead and if they kindly climb into their political coffins he'll nail down the lids.
His unseen presence was inevitable as his successor, Gordon Brown, staggered from disaster to disaster and as the torch-carrying Blairites sniped from the sidelines.
Most are not Blairites or Brownites, Old or New Labour.
Ever since former prime minister Tony Blair handed over the Labour leadership and premiership to Brown, Blairites have sought to humiliate him.
ARE the few defenders of Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair the new Blairites? A small embattled group backing a leader who won't step down while most of the Press bays for his blood?
All Blairites, especially Gisela Stewart, who supported Bush's re-election, have to reflect that Blair, by any measure of international law, is a major prima facie war criminal.