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British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)

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At last year's conference, Brown used the phrase "progressive consensus" as code to distance himself from the Blairites.
A real in-depth crisis is now engulfing Westminster as his once-loyal troops begin to pretend they were never really Blairites at all and muse that perhaps Chancellor Brown would make a better occupant of No 10 Downing Street.
Until his dismissal Mr Clarke was seen as a loyal Blairite and a possible contender for the Labour leadership after Mr Blair leaves office.
Tough-talking Mr Reid has so far only dropped hints of a challenge, but some Blairites believe he is the only credible alternative to Gordon Brown.
Of course both have laughed off the idea as a creation of those silly people in the media, but it's interesting to note there has been no eruption of fury from Blairites at the notion.
Mr Blair has lost three million Labour voters in eight years and has lost more than half of the membership of the Labour Party and that's directly related to the murder of Labour values by the Blairite clique.
SIR - Arch Blairite Huw Edwards has put his career before the interests of the people who elected him by voting with Tony Blair since 2001, 98.
A major review of the care provided to some of Britain's most vulnerable people was demanded by a Blairite think tank.
A Blairite "jobs for the loyal" revolution is under way.
ARDENT Blairite Margaret Hodge's attack on Tony Blair over the Iraq war is so devastating because of her loyalty to the Prime Minister.
The magazine, owned by one of Gordon Brown's closest allies, calls for the removal of 35 Labour MPs, 12 Blairite candidates and three close Cabinet allies, John Reid, Charles Clarke and Tessa Jowell.
Mr Byers and others argue that unless the manifesto is Blairite rather than Brownite in tone, it will confirm that Mr Blair intends to hand over to the Chancellor early on in the new Parliament.
Senior Blairite backbencher Jack Cunningham -the former Cabinet enforcer -compared the plotters to the far-left Militant Tendency which threatened to tear Labour apart in the 1980s.
The Blairite effort to picture Galloway as a traitor is sickening, given Blair's responsibility for an unnecessary war, the Government's past support for Saddam Hussein, and Galloway's opposition over 20 years to the Iraqi tyrant.
Blairite MPs tell you with certainty that the PM's heart complaint is a one-off for Brownites, it is the start of a decline into poor health.