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British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)

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Tony Blair tied the knot with Cherie Booth in 1980 and the couple went on to have four children - Euan, Nicky, Kathryn and Leo.
Tony Blair might want to take note of her concerns that a state pension no longer offers a decent standard of living and those with private pensions are more likely to be the ones with cash to spend on enjoying themselves as they get older.
Blair pulled together a team including board members and a few other senior executives to begin discussing the qualities Westfield, which employs 2,300, needed in a candidate.
Many of us were still confused about what we would be doing by the time the training was over," said Blair.
Blair also took college courses during high school instead of attending study hall.
TONY Blair was last night honoured for his charity work - days after being accused of spinning for a dictator.
It is believed the ferociously protective barrister first learned of the rumours linking Blair with Deng a fortnight ago.
Imagine the opening scene with Tony Blair making his way up Corporation Street, packed deep with anti-war protestors, to Birmingham Law Courts in a secured van, having being arrested for alleged war crimes.
In The Ghostwriter, a commercially successful 2010 film directed by Roman Polanski (based on a novel by Robert Harris), a suave, handsome ex-prime minister is not only shown to be an unctuous lap-dog to the American imperium, the most frequent charge leveled at Blair.
Should Blair have gone along with an invasion and occupation that has divided his party and enraged his country?
Though the House of Lords recently released a report critical of the science behind the anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming hypothesis, Blair has consistently advocated policies supposedly formulated to fight the perceived threat of climate change.
CHERIE Blair won the acclaim of her husband today for a spontaneous rendition of the Beatles hit When I'm 64 on the prime minister's Far East diplomatic mission.
Visiting the US, British PM Tony Blair tells Congress in a passionately delivered speech that he believes "with every fibre of instinct and conviction" that the US and the UK are justified in leading a war on Iraq.