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pompous or pretentious talk or writing

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Blah Blah Blacklist at Gilded Balloon Teviot from July 31.
The Shadow Foreign Secretary last night suggested the deal Theresa May's team bring for a Commons vote will be so vague and "blah blah blah" that it will "probably pass".
He said he picked The House of Blah Blah to show his work due to its "amazing atmosphere" and the fact that "it is right in the centre of our community".
''I told him I'd love to make an opera album, and he was like, 'Yes, you should, at some point, blah blah blah, whatever'.
Every so often a celebrity would take to the stage to collect their prize, and after thanking the director and their co-stars and dribbling on about their disgusting family for a bit, they'd gaze up at the "regular" folk in the cheap seats and offer a profound thank you to them, because after all, dear public,youare the ones who ultimately blah blah blah let me pat you on the head blah blah blah God bless your plebby little faces blah blah blah.
"I walk out and then my friend go in the room and start screaming blah blah blah and the fireworks were going off and they put the fireworks on the toilet.
Or that your elucidation of humanity is the most sublimely blah blah blah of any blah blah blah since blah blah blah.
Parenting columnist Marjorie Ingall is not, she informs us today in Tablet Magazine, sending her daughter to Zionist summer camp because she wants Josie to be a staunch defender of Israel's right to exist and foe of all efforts at delegitimizing the Jewish state blah blah blah.
And I know, move with the times, blah, blah, teenagers are clever because they've invented their own language blah blah.
Dr Blah Blah, please don't ask me about references to my above paragraphs but I have taken them from lengthy data available on the Net.
Other tunes, like Blah Blah Blah, are addictive and will be dancefloor hits.
I just read about an author who "lives in Corvallis with his partner, the poet Blah Blah Blah." Or you'll see someone is married to "the novelist Blah Blah Blah." Why the "the"?
I have this many sisters, this many brothers, blah blah blah.
That party jam is followed by the Sista anthem "Taste of Dis," and the groove continues with the sassy "Blah Blah Blah," with licks from the late ODB (Dirt McGirt.) The talented young Valentine co-wrote each of the 15 songs, which reflect on issues that resonate with today's fast-living youth.