urinary incontinence

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Synonyms for urinary incontinence

inability to control the flow of urine and involuntary urination

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The most frequent complications observed were depression, shoulder subluxation, aphasia, neglect, and bladder incontinence. In our study, we found that the ability of speech and mental condition did not affect rehabilitation results.
There are three classifications of urinary, or bladder incontinence (UI).
As a result, this technology may enable a further decrease in the side effects associated with prostate radiotherapy, such as bowel and bladder incontinence and sexual dysfunction, the company said.
In the rehabilitation center, I soon realized the same sword dangled over the heads of my peers also, the unremitting fear of having a bowel or bladder incontinence incident in public.
While bowel and bladder incontinence following spinal cord injury impact significantly on quality of life, most patients who are successfully rehabilitated are able to manage, with varying degrees of assistance and devices, this key activity of daily living.
However, according to the authors, there are many, many women who just put up with bladder incontinence because they don't know what else can be done.
She was 90 years old, weighed 118 pounds, had no pressure sores (although she had a red area on her coccyx), and suffered from diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, bladder incontinence, dementia, and a recent urinary-tract infection (UTI).