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Dr Danielle Gunn-Moore, a senior lecturer in feline medicine at the vet school, said cats drinking the fish-flavoured ice were less likely to die of stress-related bladder diseases.
Festi et al, in a cross sectional study, also concluded that pain at right hypochondrium was significantly associated with gallstones, [14] thus confirming the importance of history and clinical examination in diagnosis of gall bladder disease.
A Your goldfish may be suffering from swim bladder diseases, causing him to be more buoyant than he should be and leading to lots of time spent floating on the surface.
Atala and colleagues performed augmentation cystoplasty on 7 patients with spina bifida and end-stage bladder disease. PGA composite grafts seeded with autologous urothelial and smooth muscle cells were successfully implanted using an omental wrap to aid in vascularization.[sup.26] Although histological data at 5-year follow-up displayed a trilayered architecture comprising urothelium, submucosa and muscle, there was significant variability seen in the functional parameters of capacity, compliance and leak point pressure.
Q One of my goldfish was always at the surface and I found he may be constipated or have swim bladder disease. I put whisky in his water, salt in his cleaning bowl and stopped feeding him for two days - and it worked.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: After obtaining institutional ethical committee approval this present hospital based cross-sectional study (with follow -up) was carried out on 240 study subject who came to Hamidia hospital and associated Gandhi medical college either as OPD patients or as admitted patients (with gall bladder disease) in surgery department of the hospital from Jan 2010-Dec 2010.
She added: "Obesity is strongly related to diabetes and is also linked with increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, gall bladder disease, bone joint disorders and certain cancers.
GALL BLADDER DISEASE: Being overweight is strongly linked to gallstones and gall bladder cancer.
It usually causes urinary infections but can also cause blood poisoning, gall bladder disease and kidney infections.
Michael Gibney, Professor of Nutrition at Trinity College Dublin, said: "Obesity is strongly related to diabetes and is also linked with increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, gall bladder disease, bone joint disorders and certain cancers.
Factor V Leiden is linked to venous thrombosis (especially with oral contraceptives), unexplained miscarriage, blood clots in the lung, gall bladder disease, pre-eclampsia, stroke and heart attack.
Dr Danielle Gunn-Moore, senior lecturer in feline medicine, commented: "Feline bladder disease is frustrating for vets and owners, as most cases have no apparent cause and are categorised (pardon the pun) as feline idiopathic cystitis.
Obesity is associated with many health issues including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, gall bladder disease, liver disease, arthritis, breathing problems, reproductive health issues and cancer.
Many goldfish suffer from Swim Bladder Disease that prevents them from staying afloat.
(We have great joint replacements but are much better at blocking access to surgery than at curing the arthritis.) Gall bladder disease, cancer, pneumonia, blood clots, thyroid disease, cataracts, arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation, herniated disks, asthma, endocarditis from drug abuse, on and on.