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a resort town in Lancashire in northwestern England on the Irish Sea

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Paul Morris, 41, from South Shore, Blackpool, Lancashire, was walking near the resort's Promenade with his dog and two friends when he and another man were swept into the water just after midnight on New Year's Day.
The mystery of her children's true parentage deepened after it was revealed that Rebecca was born in Blackpool, Lancashire in 2004, and Daniel was born in Barcelona in 2009.
Her fraud was uncovered just days after she married Graham Lane, 36, near Blackpool, Lancashire, in January last year.
Hundreds filed passed his coffin at St Kentigern's Church in his home town of Blackpool, Lancashire.
Her fraud was uncovered days after she married Graham Lane, 36, near Blackpool, Lancashire, last January, a jury at Preston Crown Court heard.
The fire started in a wardrobe in one of two attic bedrooms at the back of the home in Freckleton, near Blackpool, Lancashire.
The prizes include a stay at Barcelo Blackpool Imperial hotel, in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK.
Tony and Doreen Lofthouse, who made millions from the throat lozenges Fishermen's Friend, were confronted by burglars at their home near Blackpool, Lancashire, on Friday night.
Kenny, of Blackpool, Lancashire, was arrested on Thursday, along with Mr Barrymore, 55, and Justin Merritt, 32.
located in Blackpool, Lancashire, to expand reach in UK, the company said.
A police probe into the pair began when a teenage boy walked into apolicestation in Blackpool, Lancashire, to make a complaint that he was forced to perform sex acts on Kadram.
Four-year-old Diesel piled on the pounds after his owner Marie Shacklady, from Blackpool, Lancashire, admitted she handed out too many treats to him when she was grieving for her mother.
Kyle Major, from Blackpool, Lancashire, followed his victim who had just asked his group of friends for directions and felled him from behind with a punch to the back of the head.
The racially-aggravated abuse came from two 23-year-old women from Blackpool, Lancashire, who were joined by young men as they taunted the family with "Ban the Burka" chants.
The only fracking project to be ried out on UK soil so far was near Blackpool, Lancashire, two years ago and it caused two minor earthquakes, sparking a wave of local opposition.