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North American warbler having a black-and-white head

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"Blackpoll warblers have evolved a unique migration strategy," Holberton says.
Blackpoll warblers amazingly fly nonstop from our coast, directly south for several thousand miles entirely over the ocean, until they reach the northern coast of South America.
Observations of common goldeneye and blackpoll warbler near Baker Lake were farther north than expected (see Godfrey, 1986).
The peak of the passerine migration occurs in late August and early September, but some species, like the blackpoll warbler, wait until October to make their way south.
The blackpoll warbler weighs in at under an ounce, even after its pre-flight feeding frenzy, yet in 72 hours manages to fly up to 2,000 miles from Maine to northern Venezuela without food, water or even a minute's treetop respite.
However, Ruby-crowned Kinglets were not observed in 2011 and Blackpoll Warblers were not observed in 2010 and 2012.
We immediately found a little blue heron, an infrequent visitor to the District, and scampering around the park, we also caught sight of solitary and spotted sandpipers, lots of singing blackpoll warblers, and a swamp sparrow.
Our tiny blackpoll warblers, in some respects our most amazing migrants, will put on enough fat to fuel their nonstop flight from our coast to northern South America.
Blackpoll warblers were also massing there, too, which is normal.
I was astonished to see two male blackpoll warblers on a bare branch right in front of me.