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the act of confining prisoners to their cells (usually to regain control during a riot)

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24, 2011, Levoff sent an email to Apple employees explaining a blackout period would begin on March 1, 2011, and remain in effect "until 60 hours after earnings are released in April 2011."
'With respect to MRSGI IPOs, the fact-finding report revealed that Candelaria and Francisco bought said IPOs two weeks before the recommendation for accreditation of said IPOs to the SSS...In this case, there was no notice of blackout period issued prohibiting SSC or SSS officers and employees from buying or selling MRSGI IPOs,' it said.
"Our unlimited pass has a blackout period and we cannot reserve seats until all our Korean friends have first pick for Seolloal holiday.
The process can take an average of 90 days; there are blackout periods to consider, plan design changes, participant communications and more.
There are many reasons for the trend in a territory where box office is routinely manipulated by the government, with practices that include blackout periods for foreign films; simultaneous releases of major titles, with an eye toward cannibalization; and official ticket-buying schemes to boost local titles.
Get more rest by placing a blackout period on your e-mails where you're prohibited from pushing send after a certain time, setting aside a mandatory work-free vacation, and investing in smart technology, such as a Fitbit or a sleep cycle alarm clock to help monitor and improve your sleeping patterns.
In an attempt to settle the offeree's business, takeover offers which fail at the negotiation stage or for lack of shareholder acceptance will subject the offeror to a 12 month blackout period during which no further approaches or substantial share acquisitions are permitted.
Another 10b5-1 plan has been set up to allow the company to repurchase shares during the blackout period from December 24, 2012, to one day after the company announces its fourth quarter preliminary results.
Widmer said insiders at the bank are prohibited from trading the company's stock "during any type of what we consider a blackout period," and a pending acquisition would be considered a blackout period.
A kick-off time for the semifinal has yet to be announced but owing to a blackout period for broadcasting of Saturday football the game cannot take place between 3.00 and 5.30.
Gold Plus Rewards are offering flexible reward options with no blackout period and easy online redemptions.
No date has been set for when the power outage will be over but the NEC pledged to minimize the blackout period and resume normal operations as soon as possible.
* Blackout Period Notice--Companies must provide this at least 30 days and not more than 60 days before a plan is closed to participant transactions.
Because of the exemption of companies affiliated with securities firms from a 24-hour blackout period during which they are not allowed to engage in proprietary trading after the public announcement of a research report they took a direct or indirect part in preparing, there was a potential for investor harm.
Hanover also intends to announce a blackout period to its directors and executive officers from Nov.