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the act of confining prisoners to their cells (usually to regain control during a riot)

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Our unlimited pass has a blackout period and we cannot reserve seats until all our Korean friends have first pick for Seolloal holiday.
Air Canada announced today that, in connection with its previously announced normal course issuer bid to purchase for cancellation, up to 22,364,183 Class A variable voting shares and Class B voting shares (collectively the "Shares"), representing 10 per cent of the public float of 223,641,836 Shares as at May 17, 2017 (the "Issuer Bid"), it entered into an automatic share purchase plan (the "Plan") with a designated broker to facilitate the purchase of Shares under the Issuer Bid at times when Air Canada would ordinarily not be permitted to purchase its Shares due to regulatory restrictions or self-imposed blackout periods.
Plan sponsors should also check with their existing and new recordkeepers about how they handle settlement/transaction confirmations during the blackout period.
There are many reasons for the trend in a territory where box office is routinely manipulated by the government, with practices that include blackout periods for foreign films; simultaneous releases of major titles, with an eye toward cannibalization; and official ticket-buying schemes to boost local titles.
15 sits in the blackout period so it wouldn't clash with the semi-final if it was televised live.
I think that every player has one blackout period in his year,'' Vujacic said.
Blackout Period Notice--Companies must provide this at least 30 days and not more than 60 days before a plan is closed to participant transactions.
Hanover also intends to announce a blackout period to its directors and executive officers from Nov.
Even if the article is published promptly, we will still be left with a six-month semi blackout period immediately after publication, during which new articles will still be expensive or difficult to get by persons not affiliated with large restitutions.
Of the five main countries in Europe, we are the only ones who operate a blackout period.
Once the conversion is in process and the blackout period commences, participants can no longer direct the investments in their accounts.
Furthermore, new blackout period management eliminates manual intervention and simplifies release coordination.
Pursuant to the ASPP and before entering into a blackout period, the company said it may, but is not required to, instruct the designated broker to make purchases under the NCIB in accordance with the terms of the ASPP.
The Rule 10b5-1 repurchase plan allows the company to repurchase its shares during periods when it would not be active in the market due to its internal trading blackout period.
Chinese film censors trimmed 20 minutes of the pie, paring back some steamy sex scenes involving Li, as well as delaying the bow to make way for a blackout period to promote local movies.