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Synonyms for blackmail

Synonyms for blackmail

extortion of money by threats to divulge discrediting information

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exert pressure on someone through threats

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Derek Rose aged 32 from London, and Jakir Uddin aged 19 from Birmingham are charged with blackmailing Tamara Ecclestone for Au200,000 last November.
Ian Strachan, 31, pleaded not guilty to a single charge of blackmailing the complainant for pounds 50,000 between January 1, 2007, and September 12, 2007.
Her initial conviction of blackmailing J was quashed by appeal judges and she is due to be retried at the Old Bailey.
Driza was cleared of blackmailing Judge Khan, with whom she was living up until her arrest.
an organization devoted to ferreting out embarrassing (or worse) information on people and then blackmailing them to have it kept quiet.
Blackmailing striking workers to give up their right to picket under federal law to receive benefits that have already been granted to other members of the same strike, is a clear signal that the State would rather harm its own citizens than risk offending Northwest Airlines.
Senior Congress leader Sharathchandra Prasad is feeling the heat in the blackmailing case as one person in the know of the incident has accused Prasad of having helped the main accused in the case, one Jayachandran, to stay in a room allotted to members of the state legislative assembly.
So as the AK Party voter base is having such a hard time explaining the enormous changes seen in the prime minister and his close circles, the emergence of a prime minister who publicly claims that "they are blackmailing us" brings to people's minds a series of other questions.
A salesman stood in the dock for allegedly blackmailing a shop owner and threatening to behead him if he did not pay $200.
A member of the Bar Association of Tripoli and North Lebanon, Asd Mourani, said north Lebanon judicial authorities in Koura had taken action against the individuals for their alleged involvement in loan sharking and blackmailing buyers at a number of real estate auctions.
Last month a jury failed to reach a verdict against Jakir Uddin, 20, who was charged with blackmailing Tamara Ecclestone.
A FORMER boxer who received a glowing reference from ex-world champion Ricky Hatton has been cleared of blackmailing a Teesside businessman.
All clear enough and correct but one question remains: Who is going to protect the young men from blackmailing women?
A SCHOOL cleaner has been convicted of blackmailing a deputy head with whom she had a ten-year affair.
He has also been formally accused of blackmailing the TV documentary maker.