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a heavy typeface in use from 15th to 18th centuries


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The treatise calls the rule the "surplusage canon" and provides these blackletter terms: "If possible, every word and every provision is to be given effect....
(6) Figures 2-4 contain the font imitating blackletter used in the original documents.
Moreover, the remainder of this Article argues that sovereignty plays a significant role in shaping the blackletter law.
[section] 555); ABA Blackletter Statement, supra note 49, at 30 (observing that informal adjudication may include ex parte contacts and active involvement by the decision maker in the investigation and prosecution of the case).
Andrew Murphy informs us that, in his discussion of the shift from blackletter to the more prestigious Roman type in play-text printing, "[Peter] Blayney presents some striking figures indicating the rapid decline in the use ofblackletter in play-text printing, noting that between 1583 and 1592, 'nine out of twenty plays (45 percent) were printed in blackletter, but in 1593-1602 the proportion dropped to ten out of seventy-six (13 percent),' and thereafter the overwhelming majority of plays were printed in roman." Andrew Murphy, Shakespeare in Print: A History and Chronology of Shakespeare Publishing (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003), 30-31.
In 1890, the masthead was firmly established in a Blackletter, or Old English style typeface, as they are sometimes known.
reasoning from formal blackletter doctrine and conceptual thinking, in
The LTFRB was legally correct, but only demonstrated how going strictly by blackletter law can be the worst possible myopia.
In earlier drafts of this Section, these objectives were included in the blackletter, rather than in the Reporters' Notes.
As an initial clarification, this Article uses an expansive view of "criminal law" to include both blackletter laws and deviations from the formal criminal justice system that are nonetheless important ways in which the state exercises its coercive power--for example, Chinese Communist Party (CCP or Party) disciplinary procedures, administrative detention, and extralegal measures.
and stage directions, and normalizes blackletter and roman type.
from Harvard Law School, where he served as an executive editor of both the Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal and the Harvard Human Rights Journal.
Ogletree and Lani Guinier and was the executive editor of the Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal and the Harvard Human Rights Journal.
Its conclusion that Monitorial education should not be anachronistically equated with Dickens s Gradgrind is long overdue, although I am not entirely convinced that Bell s system is best described as "gothic." The concluding chapter on The White Doe of Rylstone explores visual signs of history in popular exhibitions as a context for reading the significance of the poem s "typographic oscillation" between blackletter and roman typefaces (174).