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a heavy typeface in use from 15th to 18th centuries


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Appropriate language for use in blackletter and comments was drafted and circulated.
Full OUR Interestingly, the prestigious and notso-local New York Times is a newspaper that still uses a Blackletter typeface to this day.
When educators have adhered to the blackletter of the policies, it has produced absurd cases of students being suspended or expelled for creative writing, (243) drawing pictures, (244) or playground games and activities.
As an initial clarification, this Article uses an expansive view of "criminal law" to include both blackletter laws and deviations from the formal criminal justice system that are nonetheless important ways in which the state exercises its coercive power--for example, Chinese Communist Party (CCP or Party) disciplinary procedures, administrative detention, and extralegal measures.
from Harvard Law School, where he served as an executive editor of both the Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal and the Harvard Human Rights Journal.
Ogletree and Lani Guinier and was the executive editor of the Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal and the Harvard Human Rights Journal.
describe the foreign law as more than a collection of blackletter rules:
The concluding chapter on The White Doe of Rylstone explores visual signs of history in popular exhibitions as a context for reading the significance of the poem s "typographic oscillation" between blackletter and roman typefaces (174).
Schwartzreich L, 'Restructuring the framework for legal analyses of gay parenting', Harvard Blackletter Law Journal 21, pp 109-27, 2005
Imagine how much authority a note reading "Whoever has taken the pineapple chunks, please return them ASAP" (which I recently found on a fridge in work) would carry if inscribed by a monk in blackletter, with an illuminated "W", replete with angels and pineapple chunks rendered in goldleaf.
is Senior Counsel at the Constitution Project and President of Blackletter Consulting, LLC.
This one criticism does not taint the book's quality overall, but it does leave the reader somewhat unconvinced that the Supreme Court should have upheld the convictions in Cruikshank while following the blackletter law.