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a region of space resulting from the collapse of a star

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The authors found that x-rays, through their microlensing analysis, come from a small region where blackholes spin rapidly.
Researchers ( believe that the supermassive blackholes grew by accumulating most of their material over a period of billions of years from an accretion disk spinning with a similiar orientation and direction of spin.
Using Einstein's prediction, the astronomers used Chandra data and gravitational lensing to study six quasars, with each comprising of a supermassive blackhole that rapidly consumes matter from the surrounding accretion disk.
ASCORCHED earth policy that left a pounds 17m council blackhole will lead to difficult decisions, leaders claimed last night.
Experts were surprised when the Advanced Virgo detector managed to also detect gravitational waves from the same pair of merging blackholes that LIGO was looking at on August 14, 2017, according to a paper from the Physical Review Letters journal.
The two blackholes which generated the wave was calculated to be 1.8 billion light-years away from Earth.
You don't "see" blackholes because the light is busy orbiting the blackhole instead of going to your eyes, which is a testament to just how powerful the gravity of a blackhole is.
In addition to the traditional stellar mass blackholes that form from collapsed stars, there are also rogue blackholes, which travel throughout the universe invisible and undetectable to us.
The cut, passed on through council grants, come as city leaders prepare for huge budget blackholes and hundreds of jobs losses.
Mr VanDevender has planned monitoring stations in the US to track mini blackholes.
Pace VanDevender said the fireball which made the 20ft square was caused by a mini blackhole.
Blackholes, based on our current scientific knowledge, are the most destructive forces of nature in the known universe.
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