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a region of space resulting from the collapse of a star

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Phys Org added that quasars are located about 8.8 billion to 10.9 billion light-years from Earth, with blackholes having masses of 160 to 500 million times that of the sun.
The following year the funding blackhole increases to PS30m with the shortfall worsening to PS38m by 2019/20.
From the Cyclone and Hurricane to the unnervingly-named Abyss and Blackhole, you can see what it's like to go down every waterslide at the popular park.
The attackers used IP addresses as targets for UDP amplification DDoS attack against customer's uplinks, so we used BGP blackhole communities to discard traffic at Edge routers of upstream Tier1 ISPs.
Analysts at JP Morgan Cazenove have claimed that the blackhole in British supermarket Tesco's accounts may be larger than originally thought, the Telegraph reported on Wednesday.
* The number of exploit kits has dropped by 87 per cent since the alleged creator of the widely popular Blackhole exploit kit was arrested last year, according to Cisco security researchers.
Gordon Brown fears Scots would have to fill a PS1.5billion pensions blackhole if there is a Yes vote in the independence referendum.
Capital investment is so important for our city; for too long we have lagged behind our neighbours which has created a PS1billion blackhole in our local economy.
Spam is easily traced to the sending IP range, resulting in the addition of this range to Realtime Blackhole Lists.
The firm, which has three sites in the region, faced collapse after a fire at a Midlands mine blasted a hole in plans to restructure a growing pensions blackhole.
In recent years stories to have hit the headlines have included: | January 2004: A PS7,3m blackhole is discovered in the finances of Cleveland Police Authority.
Indeed, the malware makes a DNS request to a site connected to a Zeus botnet created with the Blackhole exploit kit, Chris Boyd, a senior threat researcher for GFI,said in a blog post.
The exploit has already been added to the popular Blackhole exploit toolkit used by cybercriminals, as well as to Cool Exploit Kit, a more exclusive spin-off of Blackhole, Botezatu said
STEINACH IM KINZIGTAL, GERMANY--A new PILL unit, coupled with the MacDermid Blackhole HT direct metallization process, has driven improvements at PCB manufacturer Becker & Mueller.
HOUSEHOLDS face an PS840 bill as the Chancellor struggles to fix a PS22billion blackhole in his spending plans.