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a member of a warlike group of Algonquians living in the northwestern plains

any of the Algonquian languages spoken by the Blackfoot

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Jose Luis Alcaine's crisp widescreen lensing of the panoramic Apuane Alps locations, and production designer Francesco Frigeri's rustic Western hamlet and Indian village (70 members of Canada's Blackfoot tribe participated in the shoot).
One-hundred and fifty years ago, the Blackfoot tribe of the Northwest Territories communicated over long distances using drums.
The Upper Missouri River Man's hide shirt, probably from the Blackfoot tribe and decorated with human and horse hair, was bought by a private collector at Sotheby's, New York.
(6) Goldfrank, Esther S., Changing Configurations in the Social Organization of a Blackfoot Tribe During the Reserve Period.
Doucet moved to Calgary where "The first of November, we set up our tent on the banks of the Elbow, on a small plateau near the place where Holy Cross Hospital would be built." In later years, Doucet served faithfully and well as missionary to the Blackfoot tribes.
Weasel Head says the Blackfoot tribes, along with other First Nations across the country, are still waiting to find out how the federal government will move forward with education on the reserves.
Blanca Tovias's chapter examines a case of "cultural genocide." Canada was accused of willfully attempting to end the Blackfoot tribes' religious customs before 1930, in particular the Sun Dance.
In his lifelong association among the Blackfoot tribes and as a scholar of Native history, Dempsey acknowledges that a Native storyteller, reciting incidents of a century earlier, could include actual conversations that had taken place.
Cowley, Alberta -- a region traditionally populated by one of the Blackfoot tribes -- bears the moniker "place of many turnips," Peacock says.
3695 File 14,942--papers supplied by Jean L'Heureux, interpreter to the Indian Department at Blackfoot Crossing regarding the ethnological and astronomical customs of the Blackfoot tribes (drawings, sacred dances; ancient sacrificial stone, a relic of the mound builders).
Fromhold is concerned that the display which the Stampede has erected above one of its entrances recognizing the five Blackfoot tribes is misleading.
The Blackfoot tribes inhabited the emerging borderland and received very different treatment by the Mounties than at the hands of the US Army, with its massacre of Piegans on January 23, 1870, in Montana Territory.
The missionaries who were trying to convert the people of the Cree and Blackfoot tribes, realized that the presence of this powerful talisman would interfere, and "get in the way of the word of the Christian God."