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a member of a warlike group of Algonquians living in the northwestern plains

any of the Algonquian languages spoken by the Blackfoot

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While he formally retired in 2016, when Black was asked whether or not he would consider standing as Indigenous bishop serving the churches of the Blackfoot Confederacy, he decided he had a responsibility to heed the call.
Fox sees the treaty as the "fundamental link" that Elk Island National Park needed to transfer part of its surplus buffalo herd to the Blackfoot Confederacy.
Also very highly recommended from Canyon Records is Confederacy Style: Pow-Wow Songs Recorded Live at Post Falls (CR-6405, $15.99), by the Blackfoot Confederacy.
The prairies had been occupied by the powerful, organized, and warlike Blackfoot confederacy, which had effectively excluded major inroads by either white settlers or the Cree-mediated fur trade.
Ever heard of the Blackfoot Confederacy? The North-West Rebellion?
Amos Leather was the sole custodian of many songs, rituals, and dances of the Blackfoot Confederacy of Alberta and Montana.
The Blackfoot Confederacy 1880-1920; a Comparative Study of Canadian and U.S.
The inscription reads "In the 1870s treaties between the Blackfoot Confederacy members and the Dominion Government established reserves; with settlement came the North West Mounted Police and the traders like Jerry Potts." So, the advent of capitalism and colonial law are heralded by the pillar, along with the confinement of the Kainai to the reserve.
Part of a statewide effort to preserve all 11 of Montana's Native American languages, the Blackfeet are once again hearing their children speak Piegan--the language of the Blackfoot Confederacy's North Peigan, Blood, Siksika, and Blackfeet tribes.
The land rises from the austere prairie to the towering mountain range, today comprising much of Glacier National Park, which is within the treaty area of the Blackfoot Confederacy. Borders, land ownership, neighbors and government policies may change, but one thing is certain: The wind will blow through the passes and through Blackfeet territory.
The ceremony he witnessed took place each year among many Plains Indians tribes, but historians say the week-long sun dance adopted by the Blackfoot confederacy of Montana and Alberta, Canada, appears unique in that it gives special recognition to a stringy, bulbous, tuber called the prairie turnip.
The first crisis was the decline of the buffalo herds and the resulting conflict between the Cree and the bands of the Blackfoot Confederacy over access to the remaining animals.
The Blood People: A Division of the Blackfoot Confederacy, An Illustrated Interpretation of the Old Ways.