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blackish aphid that infests e

small blackish stout-bodied biting fly having aquatic larvae

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Many environmental factors, such as water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen concentration and turbidity have been known to affect blackflies diversity (1, 8) and many of these variables are used as predictors of species distribution (9, 10).
The blackflies have been replaced by deer flies a/k/a horseflies, a/k/a mooseflies.
In fact, in their effort to discourage the world's mosquitoes, blackflies, sand flies and ticks, consumers spend an estimated $200 million annually on sprays, liquids, lotions, candles and other anti-insect concoctions.
It is prevalent mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and is spread by blackflies.
Look in the scientific literature under Rich Merritt or check your library for books on the subject of using dead bacteria to kill blackflies.
One subspecies, Bt israelensis (Bti), targets blackflies and a variety of mosquito species.
Says Frank Dowling, age 100: "There was a fascination to it: flies and blackflies and mosquitoes.
Bites from blackflies carrying the microscopic worm Onchocerca volvulus transmit the disease onchocerciasis.
Catching method: Blackflies were caught using human bait at Idomido, Obio Camp and Ikot Adaha from January to December 2003.
Spraying for blackflies is an effective way to control a widespread pest," Tropea said.
At best bugs such as wasps, bees, blackflies, hornflies, ticks, midges and mosquitoes are a nuisance.
There are instructions for building a homemade smudge pot to deter the 7,000 kinds of blackflies in North America, recipes for making three different kinds of fire-starters, directives for howling so wolves will answer, creepy goosebumps games such as Murder in the Dark, knee-slapping rain-maker songs, and just-plain-silly campfire activities.
The disease currently affects about 18 million people in tropical regions, where it spreads through the bite of blackflies that breed in river water.
Before there was effective treatment, the fear of contracting river blindness forced entire communities to flee fertile plains near swift-flowing rivers where the blackflies flourish to less productive land.
Biting and stinging insects found in the UK include wasps, bees, blackflies, hornflies, ticks, midges and mosquitoes.