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a member of a warlike group of Algonquians living in the northwestern plains

any of the Algonquian languages spoken by the Blackfoot

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Caption: Rear view of a red trade cloth man's shirt probably Blackfeet, c.1900.
"These bundles are shared among the whole confederacy and these buffalo coming back to the Blackfeet in Montana, they're part of the Blackfoot confederacy," said Fox, who noted that members from the Piikani, Siksika, and Blackfeet participated in the ceremony.
The 89 plains bison, also known as buffalo, will form the nucleus of a herd that tribal leaders envisage will soon roam freely across a vast landscape: the Blackfeet reservation, nearby Glacier National Park and the Badger-Two Medicine wilderness - more than 4,000 square miles combined.
The story is an adventure of the nascent American Northwest, and skillfully weaves together the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, its encounter with the Blackfeet Indians, the era's rapacious fur traders, and a figure of singular destiny, a white man named Michael Kirk but known to the Blackfeet as "Yellow Hair."
On 10 January, the Pitt employees learned that the "whole of the Blackfeet" were pitching toward a potentially violent meeting point, the Assiniboine pounds.
Now there were three Blackfeet, fighting beside us.
Farr's JULIUS SEYLER AND THE BLACKFEET: AN IMPRESSIONIST AT GLACIER NATIONAL (9780806140148, $45.00) PARK tells of a German artist who made a name for himself in Europe before traveling to America to Montana's newly created park.
Russell Center Series on Art and Photography of the American West, "Julius Seyler and the Blackfeet: An Impressionist at Glacier National Park" is a stunning biographical profile of the artist and presentation of his major Impressionist art works done at Glacier Park in the summers of 1913 and 1914, when he was requested by Louis Hill of the Great Northern Railroad to paint the vistas and the inhabitants of the newly- emerging national park.
Since his birth Doby a young Indian man living on a Blackfeet reservation is exposed to poverty violence hatred death disappointment and defeat which he embraces as his legacy.
LANTERNS ON THE PRAIRIE: THE BLACKFEET PHOTOGRAPHS OF WALTER MCCLINTOCK presents Walter McClintock's photos, surveying the works of an 1896 easterner who arrived on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and found himself a chronicler of Plains Indian life.
Once the relationship between folk art and visual argument is clear, a case study of Blackfeet beadwork from 1895 to 1935 is undertaken.
The Blackfeet: Raiders on the Northwestern Plains, University of Oklahoma, Norman.
The Siksika (Blackfoot), Kainai (Blood) and the Pikani (Peigan) made up the nation called the Blackfeet by white traderrs.