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widely cultivated current bearing edible black aromatic berries

small black berries used in jams and jellies

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During WWII, when the British were unable to obtain fruits containing vitamin C, government dietician Dr Magnus Pike encouraged the population to grow blackcurrants, which were processed into syrups and distributed free of charge, to the children in schools.
The McLarens grow five different blackcurrant varieties which flower and ripen at different times to spread the risk of frost damage in the spring and stagger the harvest, which runs from the third week of July to mid-August.
Tip the blackcurrants into a heavy-based saucepan with about 100ml of water.
Makena Onjerika's 'Fanta Blackcurrant' presides over a grammar and architecture of its own making, one that eschews any trace of sentimentality in favour of a narrative that is haunting in its humour, sorrow and intimacy".
Blackcurrants are, in my opinion, by far the best fruit there is.
Puree 250g fresh blackcurrants and 3 tbsp orange juice, then stir in 75g sifted icing sugar.
There's blackcurrant and plum along with vanilla, spice, herbs and just the right amount of acidity and tannin that will allow this wine to mature over the next few years.
You will also need: Glass bowl, jug, spoon, scissors / knife, an adult to help with making the jelly METHOD WITH an adult to help you, make the pack of blackcurrant jelly, pour into the glass bowl and place it in the fridge to set.
Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum), blackberry (Rubus subgenus Rubus), and raspberry (Rubus ideaus) were freeze-dried (Probi AB, Lund, Sweden) before addition to rat diets.
We've teamed up with Aldi to offer every reader a FREE bottle of Apple & Blackcurrant Squash worth 95p.
Big Ben is a remarkable new blackcurrant with fruit twice as big as normal, and Ebony is the sweetest blackcurrant ever with fruits that can be eaten straight from the bush.
Three hundred-thirteen pregnant women were randomly assigned to receive, in double-blind fashion, 3 g per day of blackcurrant seed oil (BCSO) or placebo (olive oil), beginning in week 8-16 of pregnancy and continuing until the cessation of breast-feeding, after which the children received 1 ml per day of the same oil until age 2 years.
London, Sep 04 (ANI): A new study has shown that drinking blackcurrant juice can help prevent aches and strains during exercise.