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widely cultivated current bearing edible black aromatic berries

small black berries used in jams and jellies

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I think the blackcurrant one is quite sickly and doesn't have a very nice flavour.
Good flavours of red berries and ripe blackcurrants and there was also a hint of smoked oak flavours.
Once we've added the meringue to our parfait, we then swirl in a few spoonfuls of a tart blackcurrant compote, which adds flavour as well as a shock of colour.
CurraNZ is the only New Zealand blackcurrant anthocyanin supplement available in the UK and is retailed exclusively by Health Currancy Ltd, Surrey.
The new drink is created from a blend of British grown raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants and joins the "home-grown-fruit" element of the range.
From March, the brewing firm is rolling out Blackcurrant in supermarkets nationwide, following an unique launch period with Asda this month.
There's blackcurrant and plum along with vanilla, spice, herbs and just the right amount of acidity and tannin that will allow this wine to mature over the next few years.
Blackcurrant and chocolate are noticeable in the nose and this smooth-tasting, almost velvety beer features more chocolate in the taste, with an increasing bitterness before the aftertaste of blackcurrants kicks in, with some bitterness at the finish.
INGREDIENTS 1 sachet of blackcurrant jelly, 1 packet of green jelly, blue food colouring, a tin of tapioca pudding, hot water, jelly insects, chocolate frog.
Add the blackcurrant juice to 80ml natural yogurt, 75ml apple juice and 10ml honey then whizz in a blender.
We've teamed up with Aldi to offer every reader a FREE bottle of Apple & Blackcurrant Squash worth 95p.
Big Ben is a remarkable new blackcurrant with fruit twice as big as normal, and Ebony is the sweetest blackcurrant ever with fruits that can be eaten straight from the bush.
Fruit Shoot Squeeze Up ice lollies will be available individually in apple & blackcurrant flavour for the impulse channel (rsp: [pounds sterling]1 for 110ml) and in mixed packs of orange and apple & blackcurrant (rsp: [pounds sterling]2.
Three hundred-thirteen pregnant women were randomly assigned to receive, in double-blind fashion, 3 g per day of blackcurrant seed oil (BCSO) or placebo (olive oil), beginning in week 8-16 of pregnancy and continuing until the cessation of breast-feeding, after which the children received 1 ml per day of the same oil until age 2 years.