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Synonyms for blackcap

raspberry native to eastern North America having black thimble-shaped fruit

small black-headed European gull

chickadee having a dark crown

small brownish-grey warbler with a black crown

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That is lovely, because we love a success story here at the Wildlife Trust and it is a sign that the work ourselves and our brilliant volunteers are doing on our nature reserves is working, blackcaps are all over the place.
Blackcaps tend to flit around in woodland, copses and bushy places seeking out insects, so this is the best time to see them before the leaves fully emerge to cover the branches.
But the real surprise came a few days ago, when out of the blue the voice of a lone blackcap suddenly burst forth.
Although primarily a summer visitor, blackcaps from Germany and north-east Europe are increasingly spending the winter in Wales.
Katey Martin and Anna Peterson scored 15 runs each for the BlackCaps.
Lesser Whitethroats, Reed Warblers and Blackcaps feeding at RSPB Conwy will be heading south very soon.
Ronchi (34) has won 29 international T20 caps and recently played in the ICC World semi-final against England, as well as being an integral part of the BlackCaps team that reached last year's ICC Cricket World Cup final.
His lyrical turns of phrase take readers deep into the world of ravens and rooks (Eurasian relatives of crows) as well as barn owls and blackcaps (a type of warbler).
Blackcaps are warblers that usually nest in southern Germany - and many more have been seen in British gardens in a special nationwide birdwatch.
A rare sandbank close to the river is also home to over 70 pairs of sand martins, and the estate's ancient woodland has roe deer, great spotted woodpecker, blackcaps and willow warblers.
The BlackCaps were about to begin a two-Test series against Sri Lanka when Ross Taylor, the captain and best player, was summoned to a management meeting with the coach, Mike Hesson, his assistant, Bob Carter, and the team manager, Mike Sandle.
Many birds that eat mainly insects, such as robins and blackcaps, will switch to berries when they are in season.
Blackcaps, whitethroats and willow warblers flitted through the scrub at RSPB Conwy this week, busy feeding on insects and blackberries ahead of their southward journey.
The 46-year-old replaces Andy Moles who stepped down as Blackcaps coach last October amid player appeals for his dismissal.
Around 10 percent of Central European blackcaps fly from southern Germany to the United Kingdom every winter, lured by human-provided birdseed.