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Synonyms for blackcap

raspberry native to eastern North America having black thimble-shaped fruit

small black-headed European gull

chickadee having a dark crown

small brownish-grey warbler with a black crown

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However, the experts believe that most of the blackcaps that winter here are from the Low Countries and move west for the winter to avail themselves of Britain's allegedly warmer, temperate Atlantic climate.
Results indicate the blackcap is becoming increasingly common although it breeds in Germany and spends winter in Spain.
We have put a great deal of thought, and consulted widely, about how we progress the current Blackcaps unit, without upsetting the current leadership momentum within the team," NZC chief executive Justin Vaughan said.
Only on Sunday, a family of blackcaps was spotted on the site of the proposed access bridge.
A rich chorus of songbirds, including willow warblers, chiffchaffs and blackcaps, is expected to be heard, with a free bird food pack for the first 30 people to turn up.
Two isolates, from 2 blackcaps (Sylvia atricapilla), were identified as Salmonella spp.
Wildflower meadows and hedgerows are ablaze with colour and bird numbers are boosted by the arrival of summer migrants like chiffchaffs and blackcaps, who visit the UK to breed.
The blackcaps: A blackcap sang and Martin repeated his story of birdsong: 'That blackcap is telling other blackcaps "this is my territory" now that he has attracted a mate and that sweet song is a way of preventing a fight.
Vettori, currently leading New Zealand in the World Twenty20 in South Africa, was confirmed as the Blackcaps skipper by New Zealand cricket as Fleming announced his decision to bow out of limited overs competition.
I've been back pumping iron in the gym and running up hills, so I'm back up to 100 per cent," he told blackcaps.
2 overs, the lowest innings score in a limitedovers international between the sides, before the Blackcaps chased down a revised 110 target for victory.
Migrating from northern Europe to the Iberian Peninsula's cork forests are blackcaps, finches, robins, and song thrushes.
The list includes birds of prey ( sparrowhawks, kestrels and owls ( and migrants such as chiff chaffs, blackcaps and flycatchers.
The Commission claims to have clearly stressed, during accession negotiations, that certain trapping practices that have been commonplace in Cyprus and Malta (such as catching birds like finches and blackcaps in nets) are not in line with the provisions of the Directive.
The Blackcaps have added the third spin option to an otherwise unchanged squad from the one that took on Pakistan last month.