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The Blackboard Learning System appropriates the label for what used to be one of the most recognizable sites in a classroom: the old-fashioned slate blackboard (now widely replaced by the laminate whiteboard and the screen for projecting media-based lessons).
According to the company, UMassOnline selected Live Classroom because of its integration with Blackboard Learning System - Vista Enterprise License, as well as strong functionality in areas like audio tools and presentation tools; thin-client and cross-platform support; and accessibility.
Student performance evaluation, course evaluation and student tracking were done for all students on the Internet using BlackBoard Learning System (Release 6)[TM].
Through Tegrity Campus enterprise software and the Blackboard Learning System, recorded instruction from every class can now be automatically converted to enhanced podcasts for students to review later.
Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) has teamed up with Blackboard Learning System to create a free new tool called Copyright Permissions Building Block.
Under the partnership, World Links will offer teacher training in the use of technology and internet to improve teaching and learning via the Blackboard Learning System ML(TM), the multi-language edition of the company's course management system.
Endeavor Information Systems has announced the development of an interface between the ENCompass system for managing, searching, and linking diverse collections and the Blackboard Learning System. According to the announcement, this interaction makes it easy for faculty to provide quality library resources as part of their online course settings.
For an online sample, see the Blackboard Learning System, reviewed by Heidi Larson.