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Synonyms for blackberry

large sweet black or very dark purple edible aggregate fruit of any of various bushes of the genus Rubus

bramble with sweet edible black or dark purple berries that usually do not separate from the receptacle

pick or gather blackberries

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BlackBerry Messenger also tops the 10 popular "Apps downloading" in Qatar, al-Mefleh said.
The likes of BlackBerry Messenger - a service which allows users to send free-of-charge real-time messages - enabled yobs to organise their movements during the widespread looting and vandalism across England a fortnight ago.
THE riots sparked wide debate and some anger was focused on the BlackBerry Messenger service.
The rioters who have turned London into an anarchic war zone have been using the anonymity of BlackBerry Messenger phones to orchestrate mob meetings and attacks.
The UAE had said it would suspend Blackberry Messenger, e-mail and web browser services on October 11 unless RIM worked out a way to locate its encrypted computer servers in the country so that the government can get access to e-mail and other data - the same access it says the US, Russia and other states have.
BlackBerry Messenger services to continue as some of its regulatory
The UAE has threatened to suspend Research In Motion's BlackBerry Messenger, email and Web browser services from Oct.
The UAE has told BlackBerry maker RIM that it would suspend BlackBerry Messenger, email and Web browser services from October 11 until the government gets access to encrypted messages.
The Research In Motion (RIM), makers of the smart phones, along with the Department of Telecom had submitted a proposal for intercepting the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) services.
The Indian demands follow a deal with Saudi Arabia, where a source said RIM agreed to give authorities codes for BlackBerry Messenger users.
13 -- Indian home ministry here on Thursday set August 31, 2010 deadline for the Blackberry smart phone makers to provide a technological solution to snoop on its two services the Business Enterprises Service (BES) and the Blackberry Messenger Service (BMS).
The United States will hold technical talks with the United Arab Emirates and other countries on the pending ban on Blackberry Messenger, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday.
He added: "Our customers can enjoy a wide variety of BlackBerry applications and services which introduce a lot of value and savings like BlackBerry Messenger, Internet browsing and email in addition to many applications like Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, WorldMate Live and GPS."
MetroPCS's BlackBerry service plan delivers smartphone features, including: messaging capabilities through instant messaging services and BlackBerry messenger, as well as social media networks; access to the latest content such as games, ringtones and wallpapers; applications available through MetroPCS include navigator, back-up, premium directory assistance and banking; full-QWERTY keyboard and optical trackpad; 2MP digital camera with zoom and video recording; and media player.
Root cause is currently under review, but based on preliminary analysis, it currently appears that the issue stemmed from a flaw in two recently released versions of BlackBerry Messenger (versions and that caused an unanticipated database issue within the BlackBerry infrastructure.