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a heavy typeface in use from 15th to 18th centuries


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Black-letter law condenses the vast body of case law found within common law societies into reusable rules.
The concept of black-letter law arose from the practice of setting law books and writing legal precedent in Gothic black-letter type.
Although there has been much scholarly criticism involving the black-letter approach to law, for the average person, it provides many benefits.
Like others, Hammonds had heard of a black-lettered aircraft but had never seen or signed one.
"It felt amazing to be signing and seeing my first black-lettered aircraft," he said.
At the same time, Straznicky's work on the construction of female playreaders, Sauer's on the political appropriation of closet drama, Lesser's on black-letter nostalgia, and Berek's on the "theatricalization of public discourse" not only go a long way towards establishing that "playreading was [not] simply an extension of playgoing," but they also enlarge our "conceptualizing [of] the place of drama in the public sphere" (16).
James Scharfenberg, 302nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron flight chief, earning a perfect black-letter status and maintaining a high readiness level is quite an achievement, given the age of the wing's C-130s--16 to 18 years old--and the organization's high operations tempo.
This is called an exceptional release on a "black-letter" initial.
Educators in law combine theoretical perspective about the nature of academic legal education with information about innovative courses and innovative teaching and learning experiments beyond the traditional "black-letter law" education.
The 2002 text, The Principles of European Contract Law and Dutch Law, A Commentary, presented the "black-letter rules" of Parts I and II of the Principles of European Contract Law--prepared by the Commission on European Contract Law for the purposes of providing a framework for European draft legislation and a model for national courts and legislatures--and the equivalent rules of Dutch law, as well as summarized legal commentary for both.
This text outlines the law of corporate taxation and its underlying structure, inconsistencies and flaws, and how they translate into traps and loopholes in the black-letter law.
The new logo will be written ''docomo'' in red letters, compared with the current black-lettered ''DoCoMo,'' it said.
Stack of Diaries, 1993, consists of a black and white photo (really a kind of photo-painting) of a stack of diary books; in front of this putative inventory of the written self has been placed a multileveled metal stand that holds stacked glass panels, with black-lettered text-fragments rendered in subtly distinct styles (bold script, italics, etc.) pressed into the glass suggesting an interplay of "voices" apparently extracted from longer entries.