Larus ridibundus

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small black-headed European gull

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On the flood ground we have nesting rafts on the large pond with a small colony of black-headed gulls with newly hatched chicks.
In summer the black-headed gull is actually a chocolate-brown-headed gull, although from a distance it might look black, I suppose.
The spot-billed duck was a common species in this study and Saunderss Gull was replaced by the common black-headed gull.
Black-headed gulls (n = 7,511) were sampled year-round at multiple locations in the Netherlands during 20062010.
While Revanda is great for spotting the black-headed gull,ruddy turnstone, sanderling, greater sand plover and booted warbler, Kankeshwar is famous for it's hilltop temple and raptor species like the white-eyed buzzard, the spotted eagle and booted eagle.
30, the dead peregrine falcon and black-headed gull were found and collected in the park of Seaview Crescent, Man Tung Road, Tung Chung and Chun Yin Square Playground, Yuen Long respectively.
A Black-headed Gull bearing a metal ring at Abergele beach was found to have been ringed at Rainham Tip, London, in March 2011.
Dubai A black-headed gull had birdwatchers in disbelief last week, after it turned out to be a rare and almost unheard of visitor to the Middle East.
There is also the black-headed gull (twenty-five plus), once known as a coddymoddy, in Suffolk and a Scoulton pewit in Norfolk, and the green woodpecker (twenty-five plus), or rain-bird, yaffle, and wood-awl.
They include the bar-headed goose and the great black-headed gull.
A BONAPARTE'S Gull - a rare visitor from North America that closely resembles our Black-Headed Gull - has been seen in Somerset.
The four are: - Larus argentatus (Herring Gull), - Larus ridibundus (Black-headed Gull), - Larus cachinnans (Yellow-legged Gull), - Phalocrocorax carbo sinensis (Cormorant, continental sub-species).
Northumberland: house sparrow; blackbird; starling; jackdaw; carrion crow; black-headed gull; blue tit; woodpigeon; robin; chaffinch.
| Black-headed Gull from Poland that was found in Gresford last week PICTURE: HUGH LINN
BIRD QUIZ: A - Blackbird B - Black-headed gull C - House sparrow D - Eddie the Eagle