black-eyed pea

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Synonyms for black-eyed pea

fruit or seed of the cowpea plant

sprawling Old World annual cultivated especially in southern United States for food and forage and green manure

eaten fresh as shell beans or dried

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1 cup dried red kidney beans 1 cup dried chick peas 1 cup dried black-eyed beans 4 oz butter 2 oz plain flour 1 pt stock (any flavour) 1 medium red onion (diced) 1 medium white onion (diced) 1 fresh chilli (chopped) 2 cloves fresh garlic (chopped) 2 medium carrots (diced) 1 tsp chilli powder 1 tsp ground coriander 1/2 tsp turmeric Salt and black pepper 1 x 10 oz yoghurt or soured cream 1/2 cup fresh coriander and parsley (chopped)
Moin moin is a steamed bean pudding made from a mixture of peeled black-eyed beans, onions and fresh pepper.
Also nice with a tin of chick peas or black-eyed beans added.
Whatever you do, order thakkali payaru - black-eyed beans in yoghurt with tomatoes, ginger and coriander (PS7.50).
Cook the basmati rice following pack instructions, adding the black-eyed beans for the final 2 mins of cooking.
Brussels sprouts, potatoes, okra, curly kale, cabbage, nori seaweed and carrots are all good sources of fibre, and so are beans and pulses, such as red kidney beans, baked beans, broad beans, butter beans, green beans, chickpeas, green lentils and black-eyed beans.
Variation Try using other beans such as haricot, cannellini or black-eyed beans, or to save time use canned varieties.
KIDNEY, borlotti and black-eyed beans lower cholesterol, stabilise blood sugar and help fight obesity - all life-extending attributes.
Pulses nowadays have become very trendy - here we are using black-eyed beans, yellow split peas, cracked wheat, cous-cous, puey lentils, fava beans, chick peas, so it's good experience to learn from the difference in flavour and textures that they all give.
Black-eyed beans, greyish or beige ovals, graced with a large dot, are sold widely in all supermarkets and have a slightly smoky flavour.
Our kitchen is adorned with Rose Elliot cook books and glass jars full or pretty things like red lentils and black-eyed beans.
M's was the Aloo Badi Tama (PS7.50), another Nepalese traditional dish of sauteed potatoes, black-eyed beans, bamboo shoots with a tomato and onion-based sauce.
Punjabis love a lentil-based dish, be it a delicious dhal, killer kidney beans or beautiful black-eyed beans. As a wean, the chickpea was a constant in a world of change - whether at breakfast, lunch or dinner, the peas that pleased me were the chick variety.
Cook's tips To save time, use tinned black-eyed beans.
The gormeh sabzi may have only been a small dish in size, but the intensity of the herb and dried lime sauce surrounding the lamb and black-eyed beans gave it giant-like dimensions.