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a sea between Europe and Asia

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That he scatter his money in making quick inquiry as to what ship sails for the Black Sea and for where.
Suddenly a con- ical flame with a twisted top shot up forward and threw upon the black sea a circle of light, with the two vessels side by side and heaving gently in its center.
It was the year '55 when the Crimean war was at its height, and the old convict ships had been largely used as transports in the Black Sea.
Then, thinking of the black sea outside tossing beneath the moon, she shuddered, and thought of her husband and the others as companions on the voyage.
The blue Mediterranean appeared, and by a strange chance, I saw the fiend enter by night and hide himself in a vessel bound for the Black Sea.
The report consists of three volumes: Caspian, Black Seas and Sea of Azov (1,600 euro) Baltic and Arctic Seas (1,200 euro) Far East Seas (1,400 euro)
Home range of Black Seas Bass during inshore residency
We tagged 122 Black Sea Bass with acoustic transmitters at a mid-Atlantic reef to estimate home-range size and factors that influence movements (>400 m) at a 46.
Predictable seasonal aggregations of Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata) occur in nearshore areas of the mid-Atlantic region.
Pink Sheets:IFLT) announced today that they have received a Letter of Appointment nominating the company to serve as the port agents for all calls of Crystal Cruises and represent its ultra-luxury vessels (MS Crystal Harmony, MS Crystal Symphony and MS Crystal Serenity) during the cruise season of 2005 in the ports of the Baltic and Black Seas.
In general, during the last year we have experienced double-digit percentage growth in the number of calls of the most popular cruise lines in the ports of the Baltic and Black Seas, as well as the Far East where we operate our network.
net) offers a variety of financial and infrastructural services, including port agency and shore excursions, to most of the major cruise lines of the world in the ports of the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, North Sea and the seas of Far East.
Volume 1 The Caspian and Black Seas and the Sea of Azov
Geographic, Natural and Weather Conditions in the Offshore Areas of the Caspian and Black Seas and the Sea of Azov 3.
4 Offshore Hydrocarbon Reserves and Resources in the Caspian and Black Seas and the Sea of Azov 4.