Black Tai

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a branch of the Tai languages


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The term Thai [[t.sup.h][aj.sup.A2]] with initial aspirated consonant should then be reserved only for Siamese and Lao, but it has been extended, in the ethnographical and linguistic literature, to ethnic groups who instead have Tai [taj.sup.A2], such as the White Tai, the Black Tai, and so on.
Some scholars see its origin in the PT [[*bc:[eta]].sup.C] 'group, kinship', which we can find in the Lao [p.sup.h]c:[eta]].sup.C2] or in the Black Tai [[pc:[??]].sup.C2]; others extend the reconstruction to Mon-Khmer [*[blc:[eta]].sup.?].
Tai-speaking people are found throughout mainland Southeast Asia and southern China and include the Shan of Burma and southern China, the Tai Lue of northern Laos and southern China, the Lao of Laos, and various other Tai groups (such as the Tai Dam or Black Tai, Tho, Nung, and Chuang) of northern Vietnam, northern Laos, and southern China.