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an activist member of a largely American group of Blacks called the Nation of Islam

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Black Muslims are to live by a strict ethical code that excludes alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sports, movies, and cosmetics.
Black Muslims are like black Americans overall in that they have high levels of religious commitment.
Kennedy, though quietly expecting gratitude, asked for candor and got it, particularly from Jerome Smith, 24, who'd been beaten numerous times by police in nonviolent protests and was already tired of Kennedy's "cocktail party patter." The real problem, Smith said, wasn't Black Muslims, but white people's unwillingness to take off their blinders long enough to see the world through the eyes of blacks.
(27) A great sense of familiarity with Islam exists throughout urban Black youth culture due to firsthand exposure and its incorporation into forms of popular apparel, contemporary rap music, and film, as well as the adoption of Arabic names by Black Muslims and non-Muslims.
Not black Muslim. That's what the press call us because the history of Americans is to divide and conquer.
A total of 13 percent are what is commonly called Black Muslims.
The only really risqu comment he makes compares black Muslims with gay ginger people but this still isn't as controversial as it looks in print.
Islam in American prisons; black Muslims' challenge to American penology.
The author explores how the experience of being Muslim in America can be quite different for South-Asian immigrants who generally enjoy more class mobility and working-class Black Muslims. Karim points to Sept.
We were all Muslims - the other two were black Muslims, both with Muslim names."
The Government officially acknowledges the Muslim Eid festival on a date recognized by the South Asians, to the dismay of Black Muslims, who celebrate the festival on a different day.
Not until white Muslims began exterminating black Muslims was there suddenly an outcry.
We begin in "Nightmare," move through "Laura" and Malcolm's "Hustler" days, become "Saved," move through the "Black Muslims" and "Mecca," then end finally with Malcolm as "El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz" in the very real moment of "1965." In order to move from nightmare to clarity, the past must be escaped.