black Maria

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van used by police to transport prisoners

a form of whist in which players avoid winning tricks containing hearts or the queen of spades

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The Black Maria, the tar-paper studio that could track the sun, rotated on a track.
Charles Butler notes that in Fire and Hemlock and Black Maria it can be difficult to tell the difference between the use of magic and the very skillful use of psychological control ("Now" 73); this is not only true in those two novels.
Three years later, police vehicles in the city became known as Black Marias.
Construction of a pioneer film studio, called the Black Maria because of its resemblance to police paddy wagons, was completed at the Edison laboratories in West Orange, N.
Finally the secondhand engine, Black Maria, chugged reluctantly out of the station.
ARTIST SONG Action Action Paper Cliche Aiden Die Romantic Bayside Devotion And Desire Hawthorne Heights This Is Who We Are Silverstein Smile In Your Sleep The Forecast These Lights The Audition Approach The Bench The Black Maria Organs The Junior Varsity Get Comfortable Waterdown Repeater
5, this year's edition attracted representatives from the Film Development Council of the Philippines and major companies, like Star Cinema, APT Entertainment, TBA Studios, Solar Entertainment, Fox Channels, iFlix, Black Maria Pictures, Central Digital Lab, RS Video, CMB Film Services, Cinema One, Hubo and Unitel.
Aracelis Girmay, The Black Maria, Boa Editions Ltd, 2016.
Instead the band members went to the central police station to be driven in a secure Black Maria so as not to be hurt by the thousands of screaming fans.
Alex was lifted under each arm, shoved in a Black Maria with 12 colleagues and taken to Dalkeith police station where they were fingerprinted and photographed.
A volley of four-letter words and a snobbish euphemism in place of the prosaic word 'policeman' will magic up a Black Maria in no time.
But before we reach Robert Maxwell's hooliganism, we see racing laid out like an epic novel in which men strive, dream, fail, cheat, scheme, build, destroy, win, lose, love, hate and sometimes exit in a Black Maria or at the end of a shotgun.
They might just as well use a Black Maria with its siren blaring.
Reynaud Dewar's inspiration was the Black Maria, Thomas Edison's Kinetograph production studio, which operated for just four years at the end of the nineteenth century.
Two youthswere injured and late last night police with walkie-talkies and a black maria patrolled to stop fresh trouble.