Black Africa

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the region of Africa to the south of the Sahara Desert

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Perceptively, Nyirenda comments: "It is feared that he may now have chosen to turn his affection to Black Africa.
While there are differences between the African American experience and Black Africa, I draw some commonalities in terms of oppression.
Abrahams dedicated his 1956 novel A Wreath for Udomo to Hughes (98), a favor Hughes repaid in 1963 when he dedicated Poems from Black Africa to "Peter Abrahams of South Africa.
Thaddius Maswahu, Head Marketing of Standard Bank Namibia said that the anticipation of the kick of between the winners of the domestic League, Black Africa and the Bidvest Cup African Stars and he is very excited about the Standard Bank Super Cup, when the two teams will battle it out for the Super Cup Trophy.
Poverty and lack of education lead to the existence of a subsistential prostitution, specific to the social relations in Black Africa.
I was "disrespecting" black Africa, you see, implying certain heads of state were thieves.
The bottom 10 included six cities from the Islamic world and three in Black Africa.
Winds of Change: Modern Stories from Black Africa, (with Jomo Kenyatta and Amos Tutuola), 1977 (essays)
On the other hand, the term Black Africa makes it seem as if there is a white Africa.
Ansaru is short for Jamtu Ansarul Muslimina Fi Biladissudan, which translates roughly to "Vanguards for the Protection of Muslims in Black Africa.
The terrorists, also called the Vanguard for the Protection of Muslims in Black Africa, killed a guard during the raid and freed Nigerian household staff.
If for no other reason, I prefer him for his family roots in black Africa, for his middle name Hussein, and for having had part of his schooling in Indonesia.
As described by Kwame Dawes in a book review of Ojaide's Poetic Imagination in Black Africa, Dawes states that "Ojaide's prose is decidedly plain, direct, and almost pedantic in style.
the European plunder of black Africa, colonialism in the East, the recent end of the lucrative Atlantic slave trade to England.
Angolan accredited ambassador to Tehran, for his part, said all will witness positive changes on political domain in black Africa in the future.