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Synonyms for bivouac

temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers

a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent

live in or as if in a tent

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Here is another chance to win one of the best bivvies on the market.
In contrast, customers needing a pack to keep them alive if injured or stranded on a multi-day hunting trip in freezing temperatures could purchase the Survivor, which includes emergency food and water rations to feed two people for three days, GPS, multi-tool, weather radio with light and cell phone charger, advanced first-aid kit, headlamp, Camelback water bottle, thermo-lite emergency bivvies, rain ponchos and emergency blankets.
Sub-zero temperatures haven't stopped carp anglers spending days and nights on the bank inside their bivvies and John Davies's reward for 48 hours at the Specimen Lake at White Springs was carp of 18lb and 21lb, while a similar stint gave Lee Calford carp weighing 17lb and 19lb.
So now's the time to dig deep and add one of JRC's famous big-name bivvies to your kit.
Anglers will be coming out of their bivvies to enjoy the Guy Fawkes fireworks at Peterstone Fishery on November 5.
The company has also introduced micro chip tagging for fishing tackle so that expensive items such asrods, reels, bivvies and seat boxes can be protected.
Their big-selling range of hi-tech bivvies includes the roomy pounds 160 Cypry Excel Dome, 10.
Shakespeare's bivvies are in a different world for design, strength and waterproofed comfort.
Next month we'll be looking at one of Shakespeare's de-luxe coarse fishing bivvies - with a chance to win a cosy cracker that holds two bedchairs for weekenders.