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any of various plants of the genus Vernonia of tropical and warm regions of especially North America that take their name from their loose heads of purple to rose flowers that quickly take on a rusty hue

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How to cook it: Bitter leaf can be eaten raw, juiced or added to smoothies and cooked lightly.
The ethanol extract of salam leaves at dose of 5.24 mg/20 g can also decrease the blood glucose level of alloxan-induced mice.[16] Patients who drank 2 g of salam leaves powder for 4 weeks experienced decreased levels of glucose.[17] A single study of bitter leaf has also been performed, where ethanol extract of bitter leaves at a dose of 20.5 mg/KgBB can lower blood sugar levels in rats.[10] Caused by high doses in a single use to treat diabetes, then try to combine the two plants to get a lower dose.
Vernonia Amygdalina (bitter leaf) is a small rainforest shrub belonging to the compositae (Asteraceae) family (Adedeji, and Jewoola, 2008).
Leaves, root, bark, fruit and seeds of bitter leaf were used for stomach tonic and are known in Africans and British countries (Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants vol.
Again a slightly bitter leaf, but when all the leaves are tossed in a little dressing of your choice, then the result is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palette.
But the fact that Mahale chimps rarely ingest this plant -- also known as "bitter leaf" -- strongly suggests she sought out the shrub for reasons other than sustenance, assert Michael A.
The duo treated the women to a delightful taste of local bitter leaf soup, using the Ajinomoto seasoning.
Today's recipe is a sort-of breakfast dish, but would make a lovely lunch or light supper, especially with a nice bitter leaf salad as an accompaniment.
Food crops: Cassava, rice, maize, yam, cocoa yam, water yam, melon; and vegetables--pumpkin, bitter leaf, waterleaf, okra, pepper and afang.
It also includes Securidaca longepedunculata (violet tree or Ipeta); Senna alata (candle bush or Asurun oyinbo); Senna podocarpa (Asurun ijebu); Sida acuta (broomweed or Isekotu); leaves of Spondias mombin (hog plum or Iyeye); Uvaria chamae (Eruju); bitter leaf; and Xylopia aethiopica (Ethiopian pepper or Eeru).
Moreover, based on the discovered therapeutic potential prior to, during and after the 19th century, plant medicines such as Gum Arabic, bitter melon, Bitter leaf, onion, garlic, okra, Aloe vera and Artemisia afra (African wormwood) has been used for the treatment of diabetes.
My recipe adds a further layer of luxury in the form of a few flakes of oak-roast smoked salmon ('bradan rost'), which tips the dish over from a breakfast dish into something you could easily tackle for lunch or supper, especially with a nice bitter leaf salad.
Ofe Onugbu, also known as onugbu (olugbu) soup or bitter leaf soup, is a delicacy savoured in many African countries, mostly in Nigeria, and particularly among the Igbos in Eastern Nigeria.
Take for instance our face soap that cures acne, pores, dark spots, one of the main ingredients is bitter leaf. We also use essential oils in concentration that leave your skin looking fresh.
Veronica amygdaline commonly called bitter leaf. Commonly called Chewing stick, Massularia acuminata is called pako-ijebu, orin-ijebu in Yoruba and atu uhie in Igbo.