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the rate at which circuits or other devices operate when handling digital information

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In terms of bitrate, the optimal algorithm provides the better compression performance than the Douglas-Peucker method: about 16% less bitrate for the first level and up to 6-7% for other levels.
This is important for situations where video is being monitored at full frame rate but recorded at a lower bitrate. Variable Frame Rate (VFR) is a feature that reduces and increases the frame rate depending on the movement in a given area, ie, when there is no activity in the frame; images are probably not required and can, therefore, be discarded.
If you want your online video to be accessible to as many people as possible, then you've got to publish it in as many formats and bitrates as possible.
If u is higher than the maximum threshold, then the estimated bandwidth is higher than the selected video bitrate. RAHS then switches up to select the next higher video quality.
"Just because you can stream at 1080p and higher bitrates doesn't necessarily mean you should," McInnis wrote.
The evaluations in this existing literature focus primarily on the rate-distortion (RD) characteristics of the video encoding, that is, the video quality (distortion) as a function of the mean bitrate of an encoded video stream, for relatively short video sequences (typically up to 10 s).
With adaptive bitrate streaming protocols - such as HLS, Smooth, and MPEG-DASH - combined with cloud transcoding and centralized management with a detailed API, Media Excel leverages its more than 12 years of transcoding expertise to bring practical solutions to meet organizations' operational and business goals.
The lack of power of LED sources is compensated with decreased bitrate in uplink, however LED has the advantage of less price and minimized operating cost [3].
It analyzes the acoustical properties of a recording's waveform to identify it precisely, regardless of its audio format, bitrate, or minor signal distortion.
Bitrate-control--Some per-title technologies assess the complexity of the entire video and enable traditional constant or variable bitrate encoding.
HEVC divides the required bitrate by two compared to H.264, for the same level of quality.
"Additionally, adaptive bitrate (ABR) technology can enable service providers to optimise content delivery, and choose different representations at varying bitrates, depending on individual network capacity.
In DASH, a client estimates current network bandwidth and then determines an appropriate video quality with bitrate matching the estimated bandwidth.