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Synonyms for polytonality

music that uses two or more different keys at the same time


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Dual-Stream: Simultaneous storage of bitonal image and Colour
Teniendo en cuenta la interpretacion fonologica de la Tabla 8, es obvio que los acentos de frontera distancian a los dos informantes: en el acento inicial, la mujer utiliza un acento bitonal ascendente con tonica baja y pico posterior /L*+H/; en el hombre, en cambio, si bien tiene igualmente un acento bitonal ascendente, la tonica es significativamente alta respecto del valle anterior /L+H*/.
En el enunciado analizado, la ultima palabra es paroxitona, por lo cual el tono de frase (L-) se ve determinado por el movimiento descendente que se asigna a la penultima silaba (AleMAnia), mediante el acento bitonal H+L*.
He began to attract attention as a composer, and, in the years following the First World War, began to be influenced by modernist composers such as Stravinsky and the Second Viennese School; his scores from this period exhibit bitonal and altogether atonal passages, and even on occasion hints of twelve-tone organization.
As in previous interval canons, although the melody is traditional, the interval of a fourth between the voices creates a bitonal sonoric result.
If the image is not bitonal, the image will first be binarized, using an existing algorithm, like (J.
La constitucion de la palabra dual o bivocalica de los dos personajes protagonicos le da a la obra, sin duda alguna, un caracter bitonal.
2002) and Calleja (2004) describe the rising movement of prenuclear accents in Spanish by means of a bitonal accent ([L.
The new Infinity WF is available in three models and scans documents in bitonal, grayscale and color at 600 dpi, at rated speeds of 3.
Bitonal, black and white text only documents are scanned at a resolution of 300dpi, and a bit depth of 1.
The RoHS-compliant unit captures color, bitonal and grayscale images in one pass, and its document feeder allows continuous feeding of checks, envelopes, tri-fold letters and legal-size documents in a single batch, with no presorting or hand feeding.
At its center lies her heartbreaking relationship with her distant father, which produces emotionally complex and poignant reflections and clean, bitonal images.
There's a Charles Ivesian bitonal episode when one of the three Staffordshire folk melodies Lesley uses clashes with a Methodist hymn tune, a few jazzy rhythms, and some mild-mannered squeaky woodwind mock modernism that recall Nielsen's Sixth Symphony.
Eastman Kodak Company recently launched two next-generation desktop scanners--the KODAK i55 and i65 scanners offering 600 dpi bitonal and color performance--and a new i610 bitonal scanner.