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German statesman under whose leadership Germany was united (1815-1898)

capital of the state of North Dakota

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In the pause, after the Susquehanna's disaster Bert became aware of a trivial sound like the noise of an ill-greased, ill-hung door that falls ajar--the sound of the men in the Furst Bismarck cheering.
And the Furst Bismarck, the Hermann, and the Germanicus steamed parallel to them and drew ahead of them, fighting heavily.
So the airships passed one after the other along the American column as it sought to keep up its fight with the Furst Bismarck, the Hermann, and the Germanicus, and each airship added to the destruction and confusion its predecessor had made.
Proposals will be received by the City at the Airport Administration Office, 2301 University Drive Bldg #17, Room 225B, Bismarck, North Dakota, until 4:00 PM CST, Thursday, December 17,2015
Bismarck State College, an innovative community college in Bismarck, N.
Hitler's 'skilful demagogic use of historical myths' eventually focused on Bismarck and that other equally unpleasant Prussian, Frederick the Great.
A "sequencing center" will enable supplier components to be sub-assembled prior to being sent to the current Bismarck plant for final assembly.
As related by the Bismarck Tribune, "Barefoot and wearing only pajama bottoms, Sell jumped a fence and chased Bad Brave across apartment complex parking lots.
Considered then to be the world's most powerful battleship, Bismarck entered the Atlantic when Britain was stretched almost to the breaking point.
HMS Hood was the largest British warship of that time, a symbol of the country's naval strength, yet she'd sunk within minutes of engaging Hitler's mighty flagship DKM Bismarck after a wellaimed shell blew her in two.
Emilie contacted Bismarck, threatening to reveal the Kaiser's love letters to her.
Frontier is the only low-fare carrier flying from Bismarck to Denver, and it also offers connections to popular destinations in the West including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
In the past year, the university also has entered into a course-transfer agreement with Bismarck State College and into an agreement with Arizona State University to offer degrees in Catholic studies and theological studies.
Was Bismarck really contemplating a preventive war with France, only four years after her defeat?
The Bismarck was sunk off Brittany on the orders of wartime PM Winston Churchill in revenge for the sinking of HMS Hood with the loss of 1,418 men.