Biscayne National Park

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a national park in Florida having underwater coral reefs and marine life

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"We all hope that we find it, because this is one of the most important historical stories that Biscayne National Park would have to share," he said.
Biscayne National Park is hiding a serious problem under its crystal waters, and the Park Service has decided to create a marine reserve to address it.
The feds definitely plan to ban any and all fishing in more than a third of the reefs in Biscayne National Park.
In 1997, almost exactly five years after Hurricane Andrew tore through Florida, Biscayne National Park's new visitor center was unveiled, replacing a temporary building that the storm had flattened.
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, whose congressional district encompasses BNP: "I am concerned that the newly proposed final General Management Plan for Biscayne National Park denies access to families who cherish fishing as a South Florida pastime for pleasure and enjoyment, as well as for many folks who rely on fishing for their jobs and livelihoods.
In his 20 years as a ranger at Biscayne National Park, Gary Bremen has seen people go to a lot of trouble to get their nature fix.
Lying just a few miles east of the Keys archipelago, the reef extends from Biscayne National Park to west of the Marquesas Keys, west of Key West.
The media have focused plenty of attention on the broader environmental impacts and the damage to the commercial fishing industry, but little attention has been focused on the national parks along the coast, ranging from Padre Island National Seashore in Texas all the way to Biscayne National Park in Florida (see map, page 12).
In Monroe County and Biscayne National Park the legal limit is six per person and the rest of the state the legal limit is 12 per person.
"In looking at specific projects, we wanted to pursue work that was integral to the parks themselves--the wildlife in Yellowstone, the impact of invasive species in Grand Canyon, and the coral reefs in Biscayne National Park. Our goal with this work is to set a foundation with NPCA and then build a long-term relationship that will remind people what Nature Valley stands for." Read on to learn more about the specific projects ...
Q What are your impressions of the proposed access restrictions for Biscayne National Park?
A third project, slated for approval this year, will improve water quality and flow into Biscayne National Park.
Dubbed a Special Recreation Zone (SRZ), it's the most obtuse and controversial portion of a proposed 264-page management plan under consideration for Biscayne National Park (BNP), a 270-square-mile marine park that encompasses most of Miami's Biscayne Bay.
KAHLIL KETTERING, program analyst in NPCA's SunCoast regional office, quoted in the Miami Herald in April, on plans to build two more nuclear reactors at Turkey Point, adjacent to Biscayne National Park, Florida.
Keep that asterisk handy, though there seem to be at least two happy developments in the government's everlasting deliberations about new fisheries regulations for Biscayne National Park.