birth trauma

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physical injury to an infant during the birth process

emotional injury inflicted on an infant by events incident to birth that is alleged to appear in symbolic form in patients with mental illness

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This does not come as any surprise to us," said Janet, an Associate with the firm who for more than 15 years has specialised in pursuing cases relating to birth injuries, gynaecology and obstetrics.
Instead, fairy stories such as minor birth injuries or "a fall from a swing" are often cited as explanations for a family member's seizures.
A postpartum perineal clinic staffed by urogynecologists has been established at the University of Michigan to expedite the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor disorders resulting from maternal birth injuries, according to Dr.
By the time investigators identified thalidomide as the cause of the skyrocketing rate of birth injuries, there were another eight million thalidomide tablets in warehouses around Australia, ready to be sent to doctors surgeries and chemists," he added.
Following are sections on the fetus, pregnancy disorders and their impact on the fetus, the delivery room (anesthetic options, resuscitation of the newborn, physical examination, birth injuries, and congenital anomalies), and provisions for neonatal care.
Cooling the brain is already used as a way of reducing brain injuries following cardiac arrest and birth injuries.
He said that over the past five to 10 years he had seen more cases related to key-hole surgery, birth injuries and failures to diagnose fractures and cancer.
Stephen Webber, head of clinical negligence at Cardiff law firm Hugh Evans, yesterday described the number of high-value claims caused by poor medical treatment as "shocking", but said over the past five to 10 years he had seen more cases relating to key-hole surgery, birth injuries and failures to diagnose fractures and cancer.
While much research has focused on developmental dysplasia of the hip in the pediatric orthopaedic literature, increasing attention is now being given to the glenohumeral dysplasia (GHD) and the associated prevalence of early posterior dislocation of the shoulder in infants with brachial plexus birth injuries.
A pounds 3 MILLION payout has been awarded to a West Midlands woman who was left disabled after suffering birth injuries 37 years ago.
Addressing the ceremony, Geri Halliwell, Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), said more investment was mandatory to save millions of women from birth injuries and disability.
Over a 33-year period, his firm has successfully litigated or tried to jury verdict dozens of complex cases involving a variety of personal injuries and wrongs arising from traffic accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, industrial accidents, unsafe pharmaceuticals, birth injuries, slander, police misconduct, and civil rights.
Babies in the planned home birth group were less likely to suffer birth injuries and significantly less likely to be in poor condition or to need resuscitation.
A large baby can have delivery complications, including birth injuries.