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Synonyms for center

a point or an area equidistant from all sides of something

a place of concentrated activity, influence, or importance

a point of origin from which ideas or influences, for example, originate

to direct toward a common center

at, in, near, or being the center

Synonyms for center

the piece of ground in the outfield directly ahead of the catcher

the object upon which interest and attention focuses

the middle of a military or naval formation

(basketball) the person who plays center on a basketball team

(football) the person who plays center on the line of scrimmage and snaps the ball to the quarterback

a place where some particular activity is concentrated

(ice hockey) the person who plays center on a hockey team

the sweet central portion of a piece of candy that is enclosed in chocolate or some other covering

mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers

the position on a hockey team of the player who participates in the face off at the beginning of the game

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(American football) the position of the player on the line of scrimmage who puts the ball in play

a position on a basketball team of the player who participates in the jump that starts the game

equally distant from the extremes

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of or belonging to neither the right nor the left politically or intellectually


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There are more than 20,000 designated Baby-Friendly hospitals and birth centers worldwide.
The first National Birth Center study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1989, as well as the National Birth Center Study II, Outcomes of Care in Birth Centers published in the Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health in 2013, continue to demonstrate safe outcomes (N.
It was the perfect solution to join forces with other midwives, to build a place where we could practice together and keep our own personal style of midwifery, whether at Community Birth Center or in our own homebirth practices.
Racha's birth center is actively changing these statistics one family at a time.
Consequently, our research posits that high-quality, individualized services offered at the birth center lead to improved birth outcomes.
North Carolina's birthing laws are even more disgraceful and restrictive when a woman wants to give birth in her home, in someone else's home, or in a birth center.
Kay is one of the most dedicated nurses I have ever worked with," said Syndee Lytle, director of birth center.
This isn't a hospital," said Elaine Becker, who is partners with Ann Doll in Central Montana Birth Center.
While at the hospital or birth center, it is most helpful to limit visitors.
Contract Awarded for Expand the Birth Center at Thomas Hospital in Fairhope
PeaceHealth Medical Group is inviting the public today and at later dates this month to tour its new birth center near Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend.
In one study (9) of 1,913 women attempting vaginal birth after a cesarean delivery at a birth center,
and chair of the Family Health and Birth Center, has been named winner of the 2006 Martha May Eliot Award, which honors exceptional achievements in the field of maternal and child health.
For women with a low risk of perinatal complications, care involving collaboration between a certified nurse-midwife and a physician, and the option of delivering at a birth center, is as safe as traditional physician-based care and entails the use of fewer medical procedures.