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consisting of or made of wood of the birch tree


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Together with the announcement that Dr Birke is now a Visiting Professor with us these new incentives add so much gravitas to our work and will no doubt help us to grow further in the years to come.
Laut Pollenanzeiger ist in Estland die Fichte gegenuber Birke und Erle zuruckgewichen, was konventionell im Sinne von kuhlerem und feuchtem Milieu gedeutet wird (Rouk 1992, 20 f.
Address for correspondence: Leslie Birke, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Division of Animal Care, 533 Bolivar St, New Orleans, LA 70112, USA; email: lbirke@lsuhsc.
Scilla Elworthy; philanthropist James Caan; former financial fund manager Alison Pothier; drug-addicted armed robber-turned-social entrepreneur Brett Moran; 12-year-old natural food advocate Birke Baehr and Harry Massey, Health technology inventor.
As a world leader in wind power DONG Energy knows very well the basic needs for inventing new ways to balance the future low carbon power system, this is the reason why DONG Energy have developed the virtual power plant 'Power Hub'", confirmed DONG Energy's Lead IT Architect, Anders Birke.
Jan Birke, Mayor of the Czech town of Nachod, is planning to bring major Chinese investors from Shanghai to the industrial park of the Bulgarian border town of Svilengrad.
The Bromborough partnership of Steve Stewart and Mike Birke won the am-am with 41 points followed by two pairs on 40, Paul Platt (who hit a hole-in-one on the 13th) and Simon Phythian from Portal and Eaton's Dave Durrant and Gary Staniforth.
Kol Birke is a financial behavior specialist at Commonwealth Financial Network[R], member FINRA/SIPC and a registered investment adviser, in Waltham, Mass.
As Rivera-Fuentes and Birke (2001) suggest in their dialogic account of pain and torture, linking 'emotion and rationality inevitably gives rise to dissonance' (2001: 654), since these states/affects are understood as distinct and as emerging from different hierarchically ordered locations.
1: 203; Immel, Die Deutsche Genremalerei 214-16; and Veronika Birke, Joseph Danhauser (1805-1845), Gemalde und Zeichnungen (Vienna, 1983) 10-11, 61-65, 114-17.
Peter Birke, "Der Eigensinn der Arbeitskampfe," in Bernd Gehrke and Gerd-Rainer Horn, eds.
Bazerman & Shonk, supra note 73, at 52, 55; Birke & Fox, supra note 66, at 14.
20) Information on the minimum schooling years in the United Kingdom was taken from Birke and Browne (2007).
Birke, Arluke, and Michael explore the ways in which the identities of scientists, the public, and the animals used in experiments construct and depend upon each other.