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consisting of or made of wood of the birch tree


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Those who ignored their investments or had the stomach to "let it ride" learned that good things can come to those who wait, says Kol Birke, a senior vice president and financial behavior specialist at Commonwealth Financial Network.
Linda Birke (1999) argumenta que e crucial para as feministas "insistir em maneiras mais complexas e matizadas de entender os processos biologicos"(p.
As for a timeframe for Oros' replacement, Fidelity is starting an active search, according to Birke.
Birke L and Brandt K (2009) Mutual corporeality: Gender and human/horse relationships.
Together with the announcement that Dr Birke is now a Visiting Professor with us these new incentives add so much gravitas to our work and will no doubt help us to grow further in the years to come.
Despues se incorporo el libro de Aluja y Birke (2004), que se considera una obra imprescindible sobre este tema.
Kiefer und Birke haben den hochsten Anteil unter den estnischen Baumarten (41 bzw.
73) Lynda Birke argues in "Bodies and Biology" that feminists can address Cartesian dualism by "ascribing agency and transformativity to organisms/bodies [which] work against the social devaluation of the body and its interior that contributes to women's (and others') oppressions.
The event, which concluded Wednesday, was also attended by Sara Birke, Middle East correspondent for "The Economist," who spoke on trade and economic issues.
Dribbusch and Birke (2012) recapitulate the core tenets of the German system of social partnership and co-determination in which most cases workers are involuntarily forced to make financial concessions in the name of job security.
As feminist biologist Lynda Birke explains, the beginnings of laboratory animal production and the rise of pathology in the late eighteenth century and throughout the nineteenth century produced "an understanding of the body in fragments--and in turn fragmentable; both shift[ed] the gaze away from the individual, experiencing, contextualized, [sic] self and toward definable symptoms" ("Animal Bodies" 170-71).
Birke chooses to reprint the third edition of 1742 for the Ausgewahlte Werke, arguing that it incorporates most of Gottsched's revisions while leaving out the polemical barbs that entered into the fourth edition as a result of Gottsched's quarrel with the Swiss critics J.
3) Zentrales Produkt ist eine Regionale Roadmap, in der die Massnahmenvorschlage und Pilotprojekte zur Klimafolgenanpassung in den Kontext regionaler Entwicklung gestellt werden (vergleiche Birke et al.
In a recent project in conjunction with the Media Trust they recorded discussions with elderly re r sidents from Abbeyfield care home, Birke r nhead, which were then broadcast by the station.