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a person who identifies and studies birds in their natural habitats


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Even if the birders couldn't spot the birds, they were supplied with a cheat sheet describing the calls of dozens of species.
A northwesterly off the north coast, or a southwesterly for birders watching on the south side of the Llyn, will trigger a dawn visit to a headland.
Ross said: "I returned to Bolam Lake at first light on Saturday and there were between 70 and 100 birders there.
Faiyaz A Khudsar, scientist in charge at Yamuna Biodiversity Park ( YBP), however, has differ- Some birders say climate change is to be blamed for changes in migratory bird behaviour
I put out a call for like-minded souls willing to take a day off from work to make a run at the record, and two birders accepted.
Here, then, are some common-sense suggestions for minimizing playback disturbance to birds and other birders, from noted field guide author David Sibley's website:
North American birders spend countless hours in the field, spying and documenting familiar and migratory species, a pastime that is enjoyable but, at times, monotonous.
You nailed it when you pointed to the crucial life choices that the three main birder characters had to make in that quirky movie (curiously, I know the real-life birders whose big year was the source of the film).
Hundreds of birders of local, regional, and even international origin will come to Central Park to view one of nature's grand spectacles.
Gregson, the president of Bird Protection Quebec, points out a paradox: Birders care deeply about birds and their environment, yet many birding activities are consumptive and potentially harmful to the environment.
com said:"We already know of a carload of birders - including one chap from Bristol - who have driven to Glasgow then caught a plane to Barra to see this thrush.
Twenty years ago, groups of birders would team up and race each other, trying to see as many species as possible in 24 hours.
I get a lot of serious birders from Indiana and Ohio--the Amish are very good birders.
On a recent Toronto Christmas Bird Count, I was part of a group of 13 birders scouring the southwestern corner of Toronto and documenting all the birds we could find.
The book is an immensely useful guide for the increasing number of visiting birders to the UAE.