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In the present study among the concurrent psychiatric illness the most common was major depressive disorder accounting for 34.69% cases, followed by impulse control disorder NOS 16.32%, adjustment disorder unspecified 12.24%, bipolar disorder NOS 10.20%, personality disorder NOS 6.12%, alcohol dependence 6.12%, Schizophrenia 4.08%, histrionic personality disorder 2.04%, obsessive compulsive disorder 2.04%, dissociative disorder 2.04%.
Bipolar disorder NOS (not otherwise specified) is a diagnostic category for patients with clear evidence of mood dysregulation but whose course of illness does not meet criteria for bipolar I or II disorder.
In addition, "what is regrettable about the diagnosis 'bipolar disorder NOS [not otherwise specified]' is borrowing a term from another disorder with no evidence of linkage," he said during the session.
"Most people with bipolar disorder, and especially [those with] bipolar disorder II or bipolar disorder NOS, do not spend their time manic.